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Leffen's victories consistently portrayed with hilariously depressing music to meme-worthy degree in 'Metagame' Melee documentary

You can tell when Leffen is going to lose if hype music is playing

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • December 14, 2020 at 4:18 p.m. PST • Comments: 6

Super Smash Bros. Melee's resurgence seven years ago is often credited to two things: Melee's appearance at EVO 2013 and "The Smash Brothers" nine-part documentary. To recapture this success, Travis 'Samox' Beauchamp recently completed an eight-part sequel to the documentary titled "Metagame" that primarily focuses on the "Five Gods of Melee" — MVG|Mew2King, C9|Mango, EG|PPMD, Liquid|HungryBox and Alliance|Armada.

There's been some hilarious criticism regarding the music that would play during Leffen's matches that has surfaced as the newest documentary debuted. Depressing, funeral-esque themes would play if Leffen were destined to win a set against one of the Five Gods while happy, upbeat songs would play as they defeated Leffen.

During the later episodes of this second documentary, TSM|Leffen was shown to come into the scene strong. Leffen had made it his goal to become the best Super Smash Bros. Melee player in the world and set out to "slay" the Five Gods.

At one point, Leffen's antics had caused him to be banned from the Swedish Melee scene. The documentary has since received some criticism for how it painted Leffen based on things said years ago.

Unfortunately, Leffen was never really interviewed for his side of the story so viewers were left with an incomplete explanation of events. Continuing on with the trend that Leffen was the "antagonist" of this story, the documentary would hilariously begin playing depressing music as Leffen won matches against the Five Gods.

Since archives of the Twitch debut have been taken down, it's a bit difficult to get exact clips of this occurrence. However, Jaxter created a homage clip that effectively captures the essence of how things were portrayed, though obviously exaggerated.

Click image for animated version

"Why is the music like someone just died? Can't believe I made PPMD and his girlfriend break up, made Mango become a streamer and he exploded," sarcastically commented Leffen in regards to the documentary's pacing issues over Twitter as he watched.

Of course, other members of the FGC took notice of the music choices that would play as Leffen competed in matches against the Five Gods. Hilariously, the music selection could be used to deduce whether or not Leffen would win.

"LMAO. I forgot who won the Armada vs. Leffen set at Paragon 2015 FL at first, but the music was really, really sad so I correctly deduced that Leffen would clutch the set," noted Toph. "Hmm. Now Leffen is playing Mew2King, but the music is starting to get exciting. I wonder who's gonna win this one..."

"Man, I am so hyped for ape- I mean funeral 2015," added Leffen. "HYPE MUSIC! S*** I'M SCREWED!"

"Camera shows Leffen bleeding out dead on the ground," said Sajam. "Alexa, play 'Happy' by Pharrell."

Outside of criticisms regarding pacing and Leffen's portrayal, the documentary appears to be overall well received. Samox has since responded to some of the criticisms and has promised to make edits, though nothing has been stated regarding the meme-worthy music choices.

"Hey guys. I wanted to let you know that I've been listening to the complaints and I hear you. Before it goes up on Vimeo, I'll be curtailing that section where @C9Mang0 uses the old gamer language. I'll also be removing the sections with specific @TSM_Leffen .zip allegations."

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