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G's Skullomania costume contains original Street Fighter EX design through Easter Egg input with some added presidential flare

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 11, 2020 at 5:41 p.m. PST • Comments: 4

One of the coolest aspects of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's Extra Battle costumes is their alternate appearance through the Easter Egg input code, and the latest addition is no exception to that.

G's new Fighting EX Layer crossover costume for Skullomania includes the street vigilante's original design from the Street Fighter EX series though with some minor changes to make it fit better to the president.

Gone is the top hat, but in its place comes a handful of new objects and differences with the biggest standout being the big, studded belt that has a giant G on the buckle because of course it does.

That G logo also replaces Skullo's original S though they even went as far as to change his boots too and give him a leg strap / pouch to keep all of his hero / presidential needs.

The color options included with the new costume vary greatly as well with Skullomania's body suit changing to bright and vibrant blues, pink and green which also applies to G's hat while the white skeleton remains the same.

Cammy's previous FEXL costume for Blair Dame also included the Street Fighter EX design although hers covered up her legs and rear more than the original.

For those who don't already know how to use the Easter egg code, players simply need to hold down all three punch buttons, light kick and up during a pre-match loading screen or in between rounds.

G's Skullomania costume will only be available until December 24, and the final two colors can now be unlocked by earning wins with G online. You can check out all 10 colors plus the Easter egg below.

G's Skullomania colors image #1 G's Skullomania colors image #2 G's Skullomania colors image #3 G's Skullomania colors image #4 G's Skullomania colors image #5
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