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Sharing your best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate media is now way easier in the new Switch update but there's a weird hoop to jump through first to do it

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 1, 2020 at 8:23 a.m. PST • Comments: 4

Most of us probably have quite a few highlights and screenshots from our Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just sitting on our Nintendo Switch doing nothing, but now it's easier than ever to share them with the world or keep them in a personal collection.

Nintendo has released the largest firmware update for the Switch in quite some time with version 11.0.0 which brings with it a bunch of new quality of life changes including two new fairly simple ways to move videos and images off of the console — though one is a bit stranger than the other.

Now, users will have the option to transfer media wirelessly to phones / smart devices as well as a new way to copy on PC too. Guess which one is the oddball; hint, it's the phones.

By selecting a screenshot or clip you'd like to move, a new Send to Smartphone option is available. Clicking that will allow players to send up to 10 images or one video to smart devices at a time.

What's weird is the actual process of connecting the Switch and phone together using the camera, as the console will bring up a screen with a QR code that needs to be scanned. This attaches the device to the Switch like a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Then a second QR code appears that will open a browser page containing the selected media that can then be downloaded one by one.

It's not the most elegant solution around, but it does connect and work surprisingly fast once you learn how to properly use the feature while maintaining the original quality of the media.

The way to connect to PCs is completely different, however, as it requires users to go into the system settings, select Data Management and find the Manage Screenshots and Videos option.

Connect the Switch to the computer with a USB cable and press Copy to a Computer via USB Connection to open up the albums to access the media.

Before players could share through Twitter and Facebook though the social media platforms degrade the quality of the pictures and videos posted there. There was also the option to remove the microSD card and access captures though it requires extra steps of turning the Switch off completely which introduced enough steps to make me never want to do it unless absolutely necessary.

Some Android users have reported issues connecting to the Switch with the QR Code though a workaround seems to already exist by simply turning off the phone's mobile data temporarily first.

The new update also brought with it the ability to automatically download cloud saves across multiple systems, added a new trending feature, allow for download prioritization and more.

Unfortunately, it looks like Smash users still can't take full advantage of these since Nintendo still won't let us capture video and export it normally, but here's to hoping that support will come at some point.

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