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Rashid dishing out over 500 damage in 3 seconds shows just how bonkers his V-Trigger 1 juggle combos are in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

No Critical Art required

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • December 1, 2020 at 12:28 p.m. PST • Comments: 15

Rashid continues to be perhaps the most polarizing character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition with some players loving his creative combo and tech options while many others loathe him for how safe, versatile and powerful those abilities are. This'll probably add fuel to the fire of both camps.

Resident tech master and route finder Javits Arias recently set out to discover and showcase Rashid's most damaging / wildest V-Trigger 1 combo which may have now been perfected to shave off over 600 health while performing juggles we didn't know were possible with the tornado in the game.

Starting late last week, Javits used Akuma as a punching bag to hit him with only Yssar, EX Eagle Spike, Eagle Spike, and EX Spinning Mixer into air EX Eagle Spike for 612 damage and 729 stun, but he felt he could optimize that even more.

He was certainly right though Arias would take things in a bit of a different direction with trying to KO Akuma with only two touches that he accomplished by cutting out the last two parts of the initial run, adding in another EX Eagle Spike and getting stun off of V-Skill roll kick of all moves.

With that out of the way, he set forth to the next tree to cut down which was Kage with his 25 extra health, and though it took multiple attempts, he managed to get the two-touch on Eviler Ryu as well by netting 615 damage and 655 stun off of one blocked EX uppercut.

Below you can check out the first and final (for now) chapters of this journey to see all of the side-switching shenanigans and just how quickly Rashid can melt your life bar by just chaining together his specials like no one else can.

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