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Capcom rules that Victor 'Punk' Woodley will start in losers bracket of next NA Capcom Pro Tour event due to unsportsmanlike conduct

The company says the standard punishment would be too severe in this instance

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 20, 2020 at 11:16 a.m. PDT • Comments: 97

Capcom has announced competition restrictions for Victor "PG|Punk" Woodley in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition following what the company describes as unsportsmanlike conduct during the Capcom Pro Tour Online North America West 1 Qualifier tournament.

Should Punk decide to enter the second western CPT event, he will begin the tournament from the loser's side of the bracket for post-game outbursts aimed at his opponent and event organizers.

Punk, who finished with the most CPT points ever during the 2019 season, lashed out over Twitter following his top 16 set with Alex Myers, accusing the top player of intentionally causing lag during their sets and calling him expletives.

Capcom also says Woodley engaged in similar behavior with Level|Up's Alex Valle, one of the tournament organizers running the event, which the company deemed both instances of violations of the circuit's code of conduct.

The company states under normal circumstances Punk would have ended up suspended from multiple CPT Preimers, but since every region only has two qualifying options to make it into Capcom Cup next year, they will instead allow 2019's finalist to begin the tournament from the loser's bracket which he apparently intends to do.

After Punk's initial rant on Twitter, he deactivated his account for a short period of time. The Karin player would later come back with an apology to Alex Myers.

"Now that I had time to cool off I wanna say sorry for blowing up on you [Alex Myers], and calling you a bitch," Woodley wrote on Twitter. "Online gets me so damn mad and CFN is garbage, but I overreacted and I'm gonna try to get better at being more professional going forward."

Myers responded to Punk's apology on Twitter, saying "Thank you Punk for doing this publicly when you didn't have to, I understand what it's like to play under these conditions so I know how frustrating it can be. I've always respected you as a player, so this apology means a lot and you still have my respect. Thanks again man."

People had started to accuse Capcom's Community Specialist, Mama Dao, of acting in Myers' best interest with this ruling, considering the two of them are in a relationship. She reached out to clarify that she asked not to be involved in this process.

"I see fingers pointing at me already, so I just want to say that I had no part in this decision or statement and specifically asked to not be part of it," said Mama Dao on Twitter. "I know how the situation is, but I also want to stay professional and impartial."

Panda Global, Punk's sponsor, released their own statement following Capcom's announcement noting that the organization understands their player broke the code of conduct though they will not be punishing him further because Woodley "showed accountability and growth from his apology."

Punk appears to have accepted his punishment and still intends to compete in the second western CPT qualifier saying on Twitter, "Well time to make this losers bracket run count."

"I kind of wish I just lost to Punk now SMFH," concluded Myers.

Capcom's Statement Regarding Punk's Punishment for CPT Online

On August 15th during the North America West 1 Qualifier, Alex Myers defeated Victor "Punk" Woodley. At the conclusion of the match, Punk engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct against tournament organizer Alex Valle on Discord and player Alex Myers on Twitter.

This was a clear violation of the CPT Code of Conduct. Under normal circumstances, such behavior would result in a suspension from multiple premiers. However, given the limited number of qualifying events this season, such a ban has excessive consequences.

Capcom has therefore ruled that, should he choose to participate, Punk will automatically start in the losers bracket in the North America West 2 Qualifier in November 2020.

We recognize that has been a frustrating year, but threats and insults amongst our top players cannot be tolerated. We hope that this ruling closes this issue and that all parties can move on from the incident.

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