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Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is getting an new battle mechanic this winter and I don't think it will be the previously rumored additions

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • August 13, 2020 at 8 p.m. PDT • Comments: 72

Earlier this month, a wave of new information regarding the future of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition was dropped on fans. During their Summer Update live stream, Capcom revealed that Dan, Rose, Oro, and Rival Schools' Akira will be joining the cast here in Season 5, and the company provided a road map that details when we can expect to see all of the new content released.

One of the liner notes for the first big update in winter — that which will add Dan to the game — states that a new battle mechanic will also be added at that time. Speculation on what it might be has already begun, and though the logical conclusion is that it will be one of the rumored additions to existing mechanics, I think we'll be getting something different here.

For some time now, rumors have circulated that claimed we would be seeing a Critical Art 2 and a V-Reversal 2 added to Street Fighter 5. While we did eventually see the addition of V-Trigger 2 and V-Skill 2, the former mechanics never saw the light of day.

At this point in time, I don't believe a Critical Art 2 is very likely to be thrown into the mix. I don't feel as though a second Critical Art falls under the description of "new battle mechanic," and it really wouldn't add all that much to the current formula. Having an option for a different super could add some new punish options and combos, but it feels fairly low on the priority list right now.

While the prospect of a second V-Reversal seems more likely due to a demand for better defensive options from fans, I also feel like the phrasing of this new addition makes V-Reversal 2 unqualified. Although, if Capcom did ultimately label a second V-Reversal as the new mechanic, I'd be underwhelmed and not all that surprised.

So what could it be then, DreamKing?

Back in June of 2014, Capcom released the final installment of the Street Fighter 4 series — Ultra Street Fighter 4. With it came new characters, as well as three new game mechanics: Ultra Combo Double, Red Focus Attack, and Delayed Wake Up.

It is very possible that Capcom goes a similar route here and introduces a "Double" of some kind. The likeliest would be a V-Skill Double.

V-Skill Double would open up more options for each fighter, would add a new element without having to design new moves for everyone, and would likely be enough to breathe new life into the game without having to over extend. Like Ultra Combo Double in Ultra Street Fighter 4, we could see a V-Skill Double give players access to both attacks simultaneously, but at the cost of less V-Skill meter gain. It could be performed similarly to USF4's Red Focus Attack, hitting medium punch + medium kick + any third button.

What it very likely isn't

What makes pinning this down more difficult is that several of the potential mechanics that could be added to Street Fighter 5 already exist as unique traits for certain characters. It's unlikely that we'd see a universal parry mechanic put into place when characters like Gill and Ryu have them as their V-Skills.

Guard Break is another mechanic from past Street Fighter games that probably won't be added either due to V-Triggers for Abigail and E. Honda having this property. And as far as extremely unlikely mechanics go, I seriously doubt we'd see the return of Focus Attack or Street Fighter 3: Third Strike's "Judgement."

What could the game use right now?

Though character designs have shifted to be more all-around in later seasons, Street Fighter 5 is still an offense-heavy game. At this point in time, there is probably room for more defensive options, which leads me to believe that this new mechanic could be looking to cater to that aspect of the game.

Looking back at older Capcom fighting titles, it's possible that this new mechanic could be a universal roll of some sort. With the ability to leap forward on wake up, this could potentially help minimize the very difficult to deal with 50/50 situations that are often the focal point of criticism from players — especially in the corner.

Steve rolls out of danger in Street Fighter X Tekken

Most recently, Street Fighter X Tekken featured a roll mechanic that you could activate by simply holding forward on your wake up. We also saw a roll mechanic back in Street Fighter Alpha 2.

One potential hurdle here would be current V-Reversals that already serve this function. Maneuvers for Menat and Vega come to mind, although, these V-Reversals are typically considered fairly weak in the grand scheme of things, especially when other characters have strike-style V-Reversals that knock the opponent back.

If we did see a universal roll added to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, these similar V-Reversals would likely have to be tweaked to be more effective. However, I don't think players who main these characters would mind all that much seeing these moves buffed.

In terms of how a roll might function in Street Fighter 5, I imagine it would be strike and throw invincible from the first frame, but would have decent recovery on it. This would make going for it a risk if the opponent is anticipating it and doesn't commit to something too big, but would also allow a good read on a meaty to result in a legitimate escape option.

There are a lot of ways Capcom can peel this apple here, but I am interested in seeing what direction they go with it.

What do you think Street Fighter 5: Season 5's new battle mechanic will be? Let us know in the comments below.

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