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Ever seen people who actually know what they're doing play Street Fighter 2: Rainbow Edition? You're still probably not ready for this

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • August 13, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. PDT • Comments: 37

Years ago while living in Burbank I found myself at a small arcade with a Street Fighter 2 cabinet in the very back hallway area. I put in my last credit for the day expecting a traditional SF2 experience, but was rapidly surprised when the opposing Blanka suddenly morphed into a Ryu right in the middle of round one and began doing Tatsus that flew across the entire screen.

I later found out that I wasn't playing Street Fighter 2, I was playing Rainbow Edition, a hacked version of the game that actually has a cult following. Rainbow Edition gives characters ridiculous buffs that allow for some insane sequences, (think Street Fighter 4 Omega on steroids) and though you'd be hard pressed to find a ton of competitions centered around this mod, there are some people who have braved the chaos and indeed learned to play this game on a (somewhat) competitive level.

In RE Guile is able to chuck Sonic Booms that slowly track his opponent, Ryu can toss Hadoukens from the air and are not restricted to having one on the screen at a time, Ken can perform horizontally-moving Shoryukens, and the list goes on. Oh, and you can change your character at any point simply by pressing the start button.

Furious Blog recently posted some footage of two such players going at it in Rainbow Edition, and to those of us used to seeing traditional SF2, it's a real trip.

Given our perception of what fighting games are supposed to generally look like, you watch just one round of this and think to yourself, "well that character that just won is obviously the best in the game and can win every single time simply by using that same strategy."

Round two rolls along, however, and you see that same player get absolutely destroyed by other tactics from the opposing character's equally broken abilities. The end result? A surprisingly hype s*** show of crazy Street Fighter on steroids action.

You can watch the clip from Furious Blog by clicking the thumbnail below. If you'd like to see more Rainbow Edition footage you can view a competent play through right here.

Click image for animated version

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