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Dan's throw game in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition could either end up being exceptional or awful based on the developer footage

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • August 10, 2020 at 4:10 p.m. PDT • Comments: 35

For better or worse, Dan Hibiki will be the first character of the "Season V" roster to be released for Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition. Players will be able to play as the self-proclaimed Saikyo master in winter 2020.

As such, we currently know more about Dan in Street Fighter 5 than Rose, Oro, Akira Kazama, and especially the unnamed fifth combatant. Unlike the other fighters, we've actually had the opportunity to see some gameplay footage for Dan and it revealed some potentially interesting tidbits about his throws.

When Dan is successful at grabbing his opponent, the two players are left very close to one another. This appears to be especially true for Dan's back throw.

In previous seasons of Street Fighter 5, certain fighters had access to throw loops — and some still do under certain circumstances. However, Capcom has made it a point to try to eliminate these throw loop sequences from character kits.

Usually a throw loop is the result of a combatant being too advantageous or too close to an opponent after grabbing them. Even when a quick getup option is initiated, the enemy will be forced to deal with a mix up of some sort from combatants with access to this scenario.

Depending on how advantageous Dan is in this situation, he could have one of these dreaded throw loops since there's very little distance between him and the other player after throws.

However, this isn't accounting for Dan's "joke character" status. It seems more likely that Dan's grab game will be a detriment to his overall strategy.

Rather than leaving Dan at an advantage, it's possible that Dan will be negative after successfully grabbing the other player. In this situation, it would become the opponent's "turn" if they are able to successfully perform the quick getup action.

With this type of variable in place, Dan's throws go from being exceptionally good to downright awful in theory. Unfortunately, we never saw the other character using a quick getup against Dan's throws so it's difficult to tell which scenario will actually be the case.

Of course, it's extremely important to remember that this was the developer footage for a character that's currently a work in progress. Being that a lot is still subject to change, it's possible that variables like the throw distance might be adjusted for Dan's launch for the winter.

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