New Granblue Fantasy: Versus content will very likely release next weekend judging by an in-game message

It may not be necessarily be a character, however

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 2, 2020 at 7:42 a.m. PDT | Comments: 10

Granblue Fantasy: Versus' first season of content finished up all the way back in April, and players have been patiently waiting since to see just what the next step will be for the Arc System Works-developed fighting game.

During the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable, GBVS lead developer Kazuto Sekine revealed to fans that new announcements for the game would be coming August 8, and there's a very strong likelihood the new content will release pretty much at the same time as well.

If you log in to Granblue Versus right now, the information screen has been updated with information on the ARCREVO Online tournaments along with the Granblue Summer Stream details and something else.

The page also lists that GBVS will be undergoing maintenance for three hours on August 9 which almost assuredly means something will be added to the game.

There's two strong possibilities as to what that content could / will be, and one of them is of course Season Pass 2 which was teased with Belial earlier this year.

Following Zooey's release, however, the publisher said the second round of DLC characters would not begin until fall 2020 though they did have something planned for the summer months.

Zooey's trailer lists new RPG Mode main quest additions scheduled for this summer with missions 41–45 followed by 46–50 at some point in early 2021.

That means if we do get some new character reveals during next week's stream, they may not release the following day though plans could have easily changed given the current circumstances of the world, the cancellation of the main ARCREVO circuit, and the relative developer / quietness for Granblue since April or May.

There's six characters in total planned for Season Pass 2 though only the villain Belial is known at this time.

The Granblue Summer Stream is scheduled to take place August 8 from 6–9 p.m. JST which equates to 2–5 a.m. PT while the maintenance in Versus is listed as 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. JST on August 9. For those of us in the west, that'll be 6–9 p.m. PT on August 8, so we could be playing new DLC in GBVS in less than one week.

Contributions to this story were made by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor.

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