Next Dragon Ball FighterZ announcement coming later this month

We don't have a date yet though

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 1, 2020 at 1:03 p.m. PDT | Comments: 25

We've now crossed the two month mark from when Dragon Ball FighterZ saw its last update with the release of Ultra Instinct Goku though it's honestly felt like longer due to the lack of new reveals. That's going to change soon, however.

Naoya Yasuda from Bandai Namco's eSports division appeared on the Japanese fighting game roundtable last night to announce that new announcements are coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ sometime this month.

The reveal / reveals will be part of what Bandai Namco is calling the Dragon Ball FighterZ show though no other details have been shared aside from the August window.

The fact that they're doing their own show suggests the publisher has more than just one character to show off, and the eSports division's inclusion also likely points to an online replacement for the now cancelled Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour.

Season Pass 3 still has two characters left to release though it's unclear if Bamco and Arc System Works are aiming to finish the DLC by the end of the year as they have in the past.

Another big possibility for the upcoming show would be a balance update as well considering the game itself has alluded to that in the previous patches too.

While not from Bandai Namco, there is another Arc System Works-developed fighting game that's going to see reveals in August since Granblue Fantasy: Versus will have it's own showcase a week from now on Aug. 8 where we're likely to see Belial and Season 2 shown off.

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