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Fighting EX Layer's rollback netcode update is now officially available on PS4 and PC, more feature upgrades possible

They say they've been testing crossplay internally

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • August 1, 2020 at 6:04 a.m. PDT • Comments: 31

After months of talking, developments and betas, rollback netcode is now officially available to all in Fighting EX Layer though they may not be stopping there.

Arika revealed their plans for implementing the improved netcode during the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable which was subsequently released for PlayStation 4 and PC players via a new update.

Fighting EX Layer Version 1.14 is the first time that PS4 players have the opportunity to play the game with rollback while the PC base had access to a special beta version since spring which is no longer available to use — everyone is going back to Gougi decks.

A skin selection option was also added to the PC version, and Arika's Ichiro Mihara says they're looking to add a match agreement function to ranked play before the end of the month, but stopped short of providing specifics there.

When asked if that meant FEXL would receive a Wi-Fi indicator, Mihara pointed to Tekken 7's reveal of the feature coming to their game and said they'd need to watch the response to that first.

Mihara also expressed interest in releasing Fighting EX Layer for the Nintendo Switch as well though he can't make any promises since he says the game still has a very, very limited budget.

One thing the developers are looking into, however, is cross platform play, as they said during last night's stream they are doing internal tests of the feature though again no promises were made that it'd actually find its way into the full product.

So far the player response to the update appears to be near universally positive with some saying that overseas connections are viable now when they were essentially unplayable in the past.

Fighting EX Layer has proved itself as the little fighting game that could after starting as an 'April Fool's joke' before releasing in 2018 and seeing a steady stream of updates since though no new characters have released in over a year.

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