Urien has not come close to proving he's the #1 character in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Despite what you may be hearing, the evidence doesn't exist that he's the best overall character in the game

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 21, 2020 at 10:18 a.m. PDT | Comments: 51

We've seen notable Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition players state that Urien is the #1 character in the game, but I wanted to cut through some of the crap being put out there and show why those opinions are off base currently.

Up front, it's important that we outright state that Urien is a very strong character, and in a recent episode of the EventHubs Podcast, we had him in the top 3-10 range as a group. He's very good, but the results are not there for labeling him as the best, as Daigo and Tokido have currently done, among others.

"How come you think Urien isn't #1!?!?"

I'm glad you asked, because one of the biggest indicators of how strong a character is in fighting games is how many top players migrate over to the character.

A pro player's job is to win at these games, and they typically want one of the easiest possible ways to those victories, which can mean them making ends meet, keeping a sponsor, or potentially winning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are seeing players migrate over to G, and the vast majority of Akuma players have also stuck with him, as there's little reason to drop a character who continually doesn't see significant nerfs.

There have been two notable defectors from Urien though, Nemo and Dogura.

Nemo dropping Urien for Gill just recently happened, and Dogura dropped him for M. Bison a ways back. If Urien is the clear #1 character as has been proclaimed by a handful of players, it doesn't make sense for these players to go away from him.

"But Tokido said Urien is #1, and he's been playing him over Akuma!!"

Indeed, Tokido has been playing Urien more often, albeit extremely poorly. A trained eye can spot the gigantic difference between Tokido's Akuma and Urien, but for the untrained eye, there's several other things to look at.

When the chips were down and over $18,000 USD was on the line, Tokido didn't pick Urien a single time — not once. He also went on one of the more dominant runs we've ever seen in the Topanga League exclusively playing Akuma, finishing 8-0 in the initial round and 4-1 in the latter sets. He ended up with a +20 Game Differential, the next best player had a +6.

You might also remember that Tokido played Urien at EVO Japan 2020 and got 17th with him, but if you look at the bracket, you'll see he went 1-2 against the pro players he faced. While he beat Haitani, he lost to both Itabashi Zangief and NuckleDu.

EVO Japan took place a bit under two months before the Topanga Championship 2020, and yet even with all of that potential practice time, Tokido still didn't play Urien a single time in that high-stakes tournament.

When there's a ton on the line and Tokido decides to play Urien on the biggest of stages and does well with him, I think we'll have evidence to back up Tokido's statements, but until then it's entirely fair to doubt his words — especially when his actions have been the opposite of his claims.

"Why write this story then? Why are you calling out people who have Urien #1?"

Capcom reads the opinions put out there by high end players, and on our website. This feedback goes directly into how the games are balanced and altered.

Because the evidence speaks heavily against Urien not being the #1 character, and we have no agenda here in terms of winning matches, our goal at EventHubs is to make these games as fair and balanced as possible.

This is something we're speaking out against, because we don't want other characters who deserve much more scrutiny — namely Akuma and G — escaping the nerf bats yet again because Capcom and the community are too heavily focused on Urien, who has not produced the results to back up the statements currently being put out there.

If Tokido goes out there and dominates tournaments with Urien like he has been with Akuma, that's fine — but there's direct evidence of him doing exactly the opposite of this.

We want to check these opinions and make sure the best things for the entire FGC are put into action, instead of things happening that might only benefit a small section of the playerbase.

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