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First look at Ultra Instinct Goku's Dramatic Finish and Goku Day colors for Dragon Ball FighterZ revealed in new magazine scans

Looks like he powers down to pull it off

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • April 18, 2020 at 8:40 a.m. PDT • Comments: 16

New Ultra Instinct Goku information and other upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ details were revealed earlier in the week via some magazine leaks, and now we can see exactly what's in store for the game's next major update.

Page scans of the new V Jump magazine have appeared online which show off screenshots of Ultra Instinct Goku's Dramatic Finish against Kefla plus a look at the Goku Day costume colors coming to FighterZ in May.

As previously reported, UI Goku's Dramatic Finish recreates the conclusion of his epic Dragon Ball Super battle against Kefla to eliminate her from the Tournament of Power while the Saiyan was just learning to tap into his new power.

Interestingly, Goku appears to power down to his original or "omen" Ultra Instinct mode with his normal black hair to fully capture the moments which still have the hero dodging a ton of projectiles while charging up his own Kamehameha before getting creative with it.

There's going to be three free new costume colors coming to DBFZ as well with each of the currently available Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue and Base Goku forms receiving a special manga design for Goku Day.

The slightly altered look appears to be based on the Dragon Ball manga featuring a lighter orange gi and the Kame House branding on some to get that fuller classic feel.

Goku Day is celebrated on May 9 because the numbers five and nine in Japanese can be pronounced "go" and "kuu/kyuu" to make it a bit of a language pun that can be enjoyed around the world.

Ultra Instinct Goku does not have a firm release date set yet, but the second FighterZ Pass 3 character is scheduled to release around mid-May according to the Magazine. The new costume colors should arrive on Goku Day itself.

Ultra Instinct Goku scans image #1 Ultra Instinct Goku scans image #2
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Thanks to giru017 and DbsHype.

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