We could potentially see FGC tournaments return quicker after the coronavirus pandemic with a cellphone app that reports health status

A system would have to be in place that the fighting game community could piggyback from

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • April 17, 2020 at 9:16 a.m. PDT | Comments: 37

We're still in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, but talk of how to get back to our normal lives is already starting to surface. The fighting game community has seen the first half of Capcom Pro Tour events cancelled and the entire Arc World Tour 2020 wiped out.

It's hard to imagine when and how we can get back to our prior existence, but technology is already helping to aid this process in other parts of the world.

In China, a cellphone application that shows the user's health status, via a color-code, is required to pass security checkpoints at subway stations, restaurants, hotels and other areas. A green code means you can pass, a yellow or red code however means you're not allowed to travel in some areas.

Obviously, implementing and creating such a system is far beyond the scope of what the fighting game community could do, but various governments around the globe who want to get their economies back up and running — and want a way to identify risks could implement such a system.

It's going to take awhile for the general public to truly feel safe from the coronavirus pandemic, but knowing the people with you at an event have been screened and were previously cleared could help allay these fears.

Concerts, business gatherings, professional sports and other types of events, which are large parts of our global economy could start to resurface.

Obviously, this system wouldn't be flawless, as it's possible people who contract the virus from the last time their health status was checked could still potentially spread it further, but this would be a way of helping to lock out people who are known risks from attending events.

Many countries have followed suit with how other regions of the globe have fought the virus, and if this continues to happen, you could see various governments follow what China did here and implement health status applications.

If this were to take place, it would be a way for the fighting game community, which traditionally runs with an open bracket format, to get back to their prior existence a little faster than anticipated.

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