Which characters have the most 'robbery' V-Triggers here in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5? Here are the results

This is the ONLY time I'll be voting for G...

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 25, 2019 at 4:05 p.m. PDT | Comments: 87

Update: The results are in. Check out which characters came out on top in this poll after the jump.

Earlier: For those of you who didn't jump straight to the poll and/or comments, welcome to the calm before the storm. We here at EventHubs have been mulling over this topic for a good while now, and wanted to turn the question over to you readers: Which characters' V-Triggers too often leave you feeling like their win wasn't earned and you were cheated out of an opportunity to counter? In other words, who have the most "robbery" comeback mechanics?

The community first started talking about robbery V-Triggers around the time that Season 2 kicked off. It was widely thanks to Urien, Laura, and Balrog that we began discussing this matter as these three fighters seemed to be able to decide the outcome of many rounds based almost solely on their very powerful, 50-50-based V-Trigger sequences.

Capcom attended to this matter and nerfed each of these fighters in various ways so as to make them a little fairer, but that doesn't mean robbery Triggers have been completely eradicated from Street Fighter 5.

It's important to try to make the distinction between strong and robbery, as there are plenty of very useful Triggers that serve as a great addition to a character's game plan, but don't become the be-all-end-all decider of rounds regardless of life bar status.

Rashid's VT1 might be a good example of this as it certainly serves an obvious purpose and helps Rashid to either gain a breather or launch himself suddenly at his foe (even more effectively than he already can). Even so, Yassir still serves more as a stepping stone toward victory as opposed to a bullet train to the winner's circle.

In Season 3 Abigail's VT1 became infamous for robbing away wins from even the highest level tournament players. Abigail matches oft devolved into V-Meter races as once he had his two-bar meter filled he was able to put opponents into 50/50 situations that resulted in near half-life combos if they guessed incorrectly.

Capcom nerfed this Trigger by giving it a three-bar requirement and granting less meter-gain for most all of Abby's Crush Counters and V-Skill hits. They also reduced the range of his command grab a bit, thus making the situations where grab/strike 50/50's less common.

Since these changes were implemented Abigail has significantly fallen in popularity and the widespread hard feelings of frustration he spread have decreased a lot, but it seems another fighter has come to take his place on top of robbery mountain: G.

G is able to perform his low-hitting rush attack from well-outside most character's normal attack ranges. Whether this rush is blocked or not, the World President can cancel into his VT1 and gain access to a 50/50 command grab vs. strike mix up, both of which lead to heavy damage, corner carry, and okizeme – meaning the defender finds themselves right back in the 50/50 situation after being hit.

While G is probably the most easily identified transgressor here, we've found that other potential SF5 robbers are not so easily discerned. There are a few key points to take into consideration while determining which Triggers fall into this category.

How easily and safely can the character access the Trigger once they have it stocked?

Does it loop into itself?

Does it do enough damage/last long enough to KO an opponent who has more than half their health?

A lot of this still comes down to opinion, but identifying which Triggers leave us feeling with the greatest sense of injustice can ultimately help Capcom refine them and make their game that much more enjoyable.

Below you can vote for up to 10 different fighters. It would get a little too hectic (and would be fairly unnecessary) if we provided a VT1 vs. VT2 for each character, but you can always specify your choice in the comments if you consider your opinion fairly uncommon.

Which characters have the most 'robbery' V-Triggers here in Season 4 of Street Fighter 5?

1. G: 276 votes / 10.7%
2. Urien: 233 votes / 9.0%
3. M. Bison: 216 votes / 8.4%
4. Akuma: 187 votes / 7.3%
5. Ibuki: 165 votes / 6.4%
6. Balrog: 156 votes / 6.1%
7. Abigail: 147 votes / 5.7%
8. Laura: 142 votes / 5.5%
9. Necalli: 102 votes / 4.0%
10. Kolin: 96 votes / 3.7%
11. Birdie: 95 votes / 3.7%
12. Rashid: 92 votes / 3.6%
13. Menat: 84 votes / 3.3%
14. Blanka: 80 votes / 3.1%
15. Cody: 64 votes / 2.5%
16. R. Mika: 64 votes / 2.5%
17. Alex: 46 votes / 1.8%
18. Karin: 43 votes / 1.7%
19. Cammy: 33 votes / 1.3%
20. Guile: 32 votes / 1.2%
21. Zangief: 31 votes / 1.2%
22. Ken: 27 votes / 1.0%
23. E. Honda: 26 votes / 1.0%
24. Lucia: 20 votes / 0.8%
25. Chun-Li: 15 votes / 0.6%
26. Kage: 11 votes / 0.4%
27. Juri: 11 votes / 0.4%
28. Sakura: 10 votes / 0.4%
29. Zeku: 9 votes / 0.3%
30. Ed: 9 votes / 0.3%
31. F.A.N.G: 9 votes / 0.3%
32. Ryu: 8 votes / 0.3%
33. Dhalsim: 8 votes / 0.3%
34. Poison: 7 votes / 0.3%
35. Nash: 6 votes / 0.2%
36. Falke: 5 votes / 0.2%
37. Vega: 5 votes / 0.2%
38. Sagat: 5 votes / 0.2%

Total votes: 2,575

Voting has closed

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