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The biggest competition among EventHubs' staff right now isn't any fighting game — it's Castlevania 3

A lot of trash talk on the quest to beat the game under seven hours

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 18, 2019 at 5:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 27

As a website that specializes in covering competitive fighting games, as well as being players of said fighting games, you shouldn't be surprised to hear that the EventHubs team has that fire burning in our bellies. Whether we're playing Street Fighter 5, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Tekken 7, or any other fighting title against each other, we want to win — and that can probably be said for most players in the fighting game community.

Interestingly enough, the latest competitive clash among our staff members hasn't been a fighting game at all. Nope. In fact, the game that's caused the biggest dispute in recent times has been none other than the NES classic, Castlevania 3.

For those unaware, Castlevania 3 is hard. Really hard.

While it might not be the most difficult game on the Nintendo Entertainment System, it certainly holds its own as one of, if not, the toughest game in the Castlevania franchise.

From the ruthless auto-scrolling levels to the overly complicated stairs (yes, even the stairs are a problem in this game), Castlevania 3 can be a tough playthrough even when you're an experienced player. There are stages where you have to fight multiple bosses in a row with one life bar to get through, birds with random flight patterns that almost always end up hitting you, and when you die fighting the final boss, you have to restart the level over again before having another shot at taking him down.

"There has been a lot of trash talk over these past few weeks, and one of the people who failed the challenge may or may not have said that they felt like they could "murder this game if they tried" before actually attempting it."

Castlevania 3 is a brutal game through and through, so I don't recommend playing it unless you really want to take on a serious challenge. If you need further convincing on the game's difficulty, the Angry Video Game Nerd really does explain it perfectly (beware of language NSFW).

So how does that apply to EventHubs?

Well, last year our very own Jon "Catalyst" Grey and Nicholas "MajinTenshinhan" Taylor were discussing the game and how difficult it is. Jon asserted, at length, that the game is really hard to beat, but Nick firmly disagreed, and after a heated back and forth the gauntlet was thrown.

Nick was issued the challenge of beating the game in seven hours or less and had to stream the whole thing and he'd win $60 from Jon. The stipulation was that he could not practice playing through the game beforehand. Unfortunately, Nick was unable to complete it in time, but likely would have finished the game closer to the eight-hour mark, if he continued on. Nick had unfortunatley taken the hardest path in the game by chance.

See? The stairs suck in this game. (Some NSFW language here).

Fast forward to the start of this month when I set a personal goal to go back and beat as many of the main Castlevania games as I could. I realized that despite loving the franchise, there were several big installments that I hadn't played through yet — including Castlevania 3. After angrily venting to the team about how difficult the game was, the embers of a challenge that once lied dormant had once again sparked into a roaring fire.

Discussion about Castlevania 3's difficulty quickly kicked up between Jon, Nick, and I, and eventually, John "Velociraptor" Guerrero jumped in to throw his hat into the cobweb-riddled ring.

Castlevania 3 plays a lot like the original game on the NES, but there are some stark differences. For starters, players can take on the role of four unique characters each with their own abilities: whip-wielder Trevor Belmont, witch Sypha Belnades, vampire Alucard, and acrobat Grant Danasty.

You'll end up with two characters at one time that you can switch between — Trevor and one of the other three — and the characters that join you are determined by the paths you take throughout your adventure. There are three different paths that you can walk, each one varying in difficulty, and each character's skills can alter how much of a struggle you face throughout the playthrough.

Though I didn't clock my initial run of the game, it took me well over seven hours to complete, and I didn't know until afterward that I took the most difficult path. Going back and playing the easiest path, I managed to beat the game in a little under three hours, though I didn't get to stream it.

After some... confident words, John was next to take on the challenge, but was unable to complete the easy route in seven hours or less. The following weekend, he returned to the game and completed that same path in a very impressive two hours and two minutes — especially impressive considering he had never played a 2D Castlevania game before his first run of part 3.

Raptor sets the record.

There has been a lot of trash talk over these past few weeks, and one of the people who failed the challenge may or may not have said that they felt like they could "murder this game if they tried" before actually attempting it. But Castlevania 3 is not a game that is easily toppled.

Now the question becomes: who on the EventHubs staff can beat Raptor's time? And can any of us actually beat the hardest route in under seven hours?

The Castleventhubs challenge remains active, with those who have failed never being able to live it down and the one who succeeds reigning supreme overall. Here's hoping we never attempt the more difficult second quest...

Be sure to check out MajinTenshinhan and Velociraptor's Twitch channels, and follow us on Twitter for more on the challenge!

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