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Update: Top 10 most requested DLC fighters ranked for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in US, Europe and Japan

Ridley might have been okay but I think a Gundam would in fact be too big for Smash

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 19, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. PDT • Comments: 82

Update:You can check out our final Super Smash Bros. poll results after the jump where four potential fighters in particular far outpaced the rest of the choices.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate added in some of the most highly requested fighters ever that had never appeared in the series before like Banjo-Kazooie, Simon Belmont, King K. Rool and Ridley, but fans' lists for new character ideas remain almost never ending.

Reddit user Zelcf recently released a ranking chart breaking down which characters are still most highly sought after to come to the crossover fighter and split it up into three regions: the United States, Europe and Japan.

Although Square Enix already has two representatives in Ultimate already with Cloud and Hero, Kingdom Hearts' Sora — who is already no stranger to crossovers — ranked number one in both the US and EU while also being second overall for Japan.

Japan's most wanted fighter according to this list is Lloyd Irving, the lead protagonist of Tales of Symphonia and has already been floating around the rumor mill since before Ultimate's release.

There's more overlap between the lists too with other characters like Devil May Cry's Dante, Crash Bandicoot, Steve from Minecraft, Mario RPG's Geno and Nier Automata's 2B. Dante doesn't actually manage to crack the top 10 in America though.

Some interesting stand outs can be found here too especially looking at Europe that has both Team Fortress 2's Heavy and Agumon from Digimon highly requested. A Gundam is also a popular choice for Japan, but we're highly unlikely to see any of those ever make it into Smash for various reasons.

Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC Wish list image #1
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This data was reportedly recorded and compiled using comments to official Nintendo tweets after the company revealed new characters though we can't be sure how accurate or scientifically viable this list truly is.

You can take a look at the unofficial most requested Smash Ultimate DLC fighters by region in the chart above, and you can vote on which of these characters on the list you'd be most interested in with our poll below.

Which potential Smash Ultimate DLC characters from these lists would you be most excited for?

1. Dante: 119 votes / 11.6%
2. Shantae: 112 votes / 10.9%
3. Crash: 103 votes / 10.1%
4. Sora: 101 votes / 9.9%
5. Rayman: 59 votes / 5.8%
6. Geno: 54 votes / 5.3%
7. Lloyd Irving: 54 votes / 5.3%
8. Master Chief: 48 votes / 4.7%
9. 2B: 47 votes / 4.6%
10. Doomslayer: 45 votes / 4.4%
11. Waluigi: 45 votes / 4.4%
12. Monster Hunter: 41 votes / 4.0%
13. Sephiroth: 39 votes / 3.8%
14. Agumon: 30 votes / 2.9%
15. Raiden - Metal Gear: 28 votes / 2.7%
16. Steve - Minecraft: 19 votes / 1.9%
17. Byleth: 17 votes / 1.7%
18. Heavy: 16 votes / 1.6%
19. Gundam: 16 votes / 1.6%
20. Bandana Dee: 11 votes / 1.1%
21. Arle Nadja: 11 votes / 1.1%
22. Jibanyan: 8 votes / 0.8%

Total votes: 1,023

Voting has closed

Via r/SmashBrosUltimate.

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