Thinking you may have seen Balrog's new No Escape Street Fighter 5 costume before? You did, and it was over two years ago

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 12, 2019 at 4:55 p.m. PDT | Comments: 23

The Street Fighter 5 community was happy to see yet another new costume en route to the game's Fighting Chance mode yesterday when Capcom showed off No Escape Balrog for the first time... only it wasn't the first time at all.

Some of you may have done a bit of chin-scratching when the still image of Boxer in his trunks with a chain around his neck was revealed. Though he's never been in the game directly, this version of Balrog was shown over two years ago at the 2017 SF5 ELeague event.

It caught our eye back then, too, as fans speculated if this was a special visual designed specifically for ELeague or perhaps an upcoming costume we'd all be able to eventually get our hands on.

I personally chalked it up to being Rog's Nostalgia costume with the Easter Egg code inputted. While we did eventually get said costume and the Easter Egg code did indeed remove his top to leave the character in a state of similar appearance, the chain around his neck is not included.

Here we stand, 28 months later, now finally with a definitive answer. In five days, on September 17, you'll be able to unlock No Escape Balrog via Fighting Chance.

You can view the first glimpses of the costume from these stills from Eleague back in 2017. The video below that features CYG|PR Balrog's introduction, which offers a few seconds of No Escape Rog moving about and posing on the screen:

Boxer Costume image #1 Boxer Costume image #2
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