Nintendo Europe announces an official European Circuit for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Is it really happening?

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • September 11, 2019 at 6:16 p.m. PDT

For as long as the competitive Smash scene has existed, it has operated as a grassroots community. Everything is community-led and ran. All funding comes from within the community.

Despite this, the community has more than thrived. It's now widely recognized as one of the biggest in the FGC. But it seems Nintendo has finally decided to get involved in some capacity with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene.

Nintendo Europe announced an official European Circuit for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It encompasses some of the well-known tournaments in Europe, allowing players to qualify for a grand final.

Right now, seven tournaments are included with a portal to add more. More details will probably surface as to what else Nintendo will be doing, but regardless this is wonderful news.

While it may not seem significant, Nintendo has been adamant about the game not being for competitive play, but rather more like a party game. Them acknowledging this and helping organize a circuit with the current rule set and partnering with a scene is an enormous step forward.

This could very well be the first in circuits being organized by Nintendo for Ultimate. They also scored points with the community big-time. They not only made an official Nintendo-recognized circuit, they did it with the tournaments already in existence. What's next is what I'd like to know.

Official Tournaments

• Syndicate 2019 — October 25 - 27

• Dreamhack Winter 2019 — November 28 - December 1

• Valhalla III — January 9 - 13

• Dreamhack Leipzig2020 — January 24 - 26

• Tech Republic V — March 6 - 8

• Icarus VI 2020 — May 2 - 3

• Stunfest 2020 — May 11 - 17

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Source: Nintendo Europe

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