G hits E. Honda with a flip kick that sends him spinning through the air for way too long in this odd Street Fighter 5 clip

Ground Control to Major Honda

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • September 11, 2019 at 9:46 a.m. PDT

Strange interactions in fighting games never cease to entertain and surprise those who witness them. Whether it be a weird bug activated when two moves that wouldn't normally clash do or the properties of one part of a specific attack landing in a particular situation, we've seen a lot of oddities in fighting games over the years.

Street Fighter 5 recently saw the addition of its three newest DLC characters — Poison, E. Honda, and Lucia — and it looks like one of these contenders is not immune to weird behavior. Today we're looking at an odd clip in which E. Honda is hit out of the air by G's flip kick, causing him to go spinning and spinning.

This moment comes from TakuyaSugiFGC over on Twitter, who was playing as E. Honda in an online match. When attempting E. Honda's butt slam, the opponent's G countered with a flip kick that managed to stop the sumo wrestler right before he could pass over the president of the world.

Since G was at level 3 of his presidentiality, the powered up kick is supposed to hit three times, but only two of the hits actually landed. The first and second hits are the only ones that make contact, and due to the angle send Honda spiraling through the air in a manner that definitely wasn't intended.

The spins are a bit too fast to count, but I'd estimate that the large sumo did 20 to 30 rotations before actually hitting the ground. All the while, G calmly walks forward waving to the people in a seemingly smug fashion.

While we've seen things like this before in Street Fighter 5 and in other fighting games, it's funny to see the largest of the new DLC characters defy physics as he slowly, gently descends back to the ground after being struck with the flip kick.

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