Daigo: Rare characters are rare for a reason... the characters themselves shouldn't be that strong

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • September 11, 2019 at 4:53 p.m. PDT

FGC Translated has uploaded yet another translated sequence of events from a top Street Fighter 5's stream. This time, CYG|Daigo spent some time talking about match ups against characters that are pretty rare to fight against.

"I wanna understand F.A.N.G better," stated Daigo after running into a F.A.N.G during online play. "I just lost to F.A.N.G recently. This is one of the match ups [that] I'm not confident in."

Not surprisingly, this wasn't prompting Daigo to declare F.A.N.G underrated or anything like that. He would even comment that beating F.A.N.G simply required time in the the lab.

In some ways, the rarity of characters like F.A.N.G might be their greatest strength. If more players understood these type of combatants, they'd get away with even less.

"But if you actually lab them out, the match ups should be hard for them." — Daigo Umehara

"I wanna know him better," continued Daigo. "Lately, I labbed Ed and the match up got a lot better. After all, rare characters are rare for a reason. The characters themselves shouldn't be that strong. But since people don't understand them, they tend to win more than they are actually capable of."

There appears to be an implication that Daigo believes characters like F.A.N.G and Ed to be weak, which is why they are so rare. "But if you actually lab them out, the match ups should be hard for them."

Unfortunately, Daigo ended up losing to this F.A.N.G user mostly due to not knowing how to deal with the rolling kick — which comes after the Coward Crouch command. Before ending the stream, Daigo took some time to study how to beat this interaction in order to familiarize himself with the match up for the next encounter.

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