Lucia played almost twice as much as E. Honda and Poison in their first month available – Street Fighter 5 August 2019 character statistics

Honda had a much more impressive win record, however

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • September 10, 2019 at 11:14 a.m. PDT

Lucia, E. Honda and Poison have all been a very welcome addition to Street Fighter 5's roster for the game that went almost eight months without seeing a new fighter. Now, they've been out for a month, so we can see just how well they've been doing online.

Capcom updated their Shadaloo Combat Research Institute website to include the online character usage and match up statistics in SF5 for the month of August where Lucia ended up edging out Ryu as the most popular fighter while one of the new DLC didn't manage to crack the top five.

The Metro City detective has been viewed as the potentially strongest of the new bunch since they launched and perhaps most accessible too, so it's no surprise to see her topping the charts over the standard brigade of Shotos.

It is a bit more surprising on the other hand to see Honda and Poison lower despite being new characters. Honda made it up to the number five slot with 5.6 percent usage while Poison sits right behind him at 5.1 percent. Lucia meanwhile boasted a 9.1 percent appearance rate.

Win rates paint a different picture, however, with Poison and Lucia being the worst and second worst for win rates respectively while E. Honda managed an impressive 13th place in his first month when most new characters don't perform too great in their first outing.

As for their best match ups, Honda performed best against Poison, Cammy and Dhalsim. Lucia only had winning records against Poison, Sakura and Cammy while Poison didn't have any.

Urien, M. Bison and Birdie make up the top three in performance once again though you can take a look at the full chart breakdowns for SF5's August edition below.

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