'Kyoshiro DOES NOT SUCK anymore' - Justin Wong simultaneously explains and shows why the artistic fighter has leveled up in Samurai Shodown

All Kyoshiro mains should watch this

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 9, 2019 at 4:50 p.m. PDT

Like many in the Samurai Shodown community, VP|Justin Wong viewed Kyoshiro Senryo as one of the worst characters in SNK's new title. Thanks to the game's recent balance update, it seems Wong has changed his tune when it comes to the theatrical naginata-wielder.

The seasoned fighting game pro has released a new video wherein he watches over a handful of his own online bouts while using Kyoshiro, and simultaneously speaks to the new strengths and potential that he feels the character now exhibits.

Right off the bat, Wong admits that one of the main reasons Kyoshiro has become more viable is simply that many of the strong characters have been nerfed around him.

Surely the biggest offender here was the infamous Genjuro, who was seeing a very disproportionate amount of playtime in tournaments just before EVO 2019, but others, such as Tam Tam, were tweaked downward a bit as well.

The fairly extensive list of buffs for Kyo resulted in his being a bit faster and more efficient with his attacks, but the newfound ability to cancel hits into more combo situations is one of the key buffs that did the most for the character.

Those that have stuck it out with this particular fighter will be excited to see how and why he has gotten better. You'll find Justin's full video below, but we recommend you take a peek at his pre-patch tier list (created using TierMaker) to see where exactly it was that Kyo previously fell.

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