Fatal Fury's Terry Bogard is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — let's have a look at what we know about his Smash iteration so far

We saw a very brief glimpse of his gameplay, but it might tell us more than you'd expect

Posted by Nicholas 'MajinTenshinhan' Taylor • September 13, 2019 at 12:30 p.m. PDT

Last week, we were treated to the news that SNK's Terry Bogard will be joining the ever-growing roster of gaming's grandest crossover, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, alongside the announcement that more characters than the initial five promised are currently in development as post-launch content for the title.

For anyone who's into fighting games (so, the vast majority of people who visit this site), Terry Bogard is definitely a familiar face even though he hasn't been part of the Super Smash Bros. series until now. With Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter setting some precedent, we have a fairly good idea of what a character like Terry will probably feel like and play like in Smash, so let's see what we've seen from his limited gameplay footage so far, and what seems likely for him outside of that.

Terry Bogard's Moveset

We saw a sneak peek of Terry's moves towards the end of Nintendo's presentation last week, in which we got a glimpse of two of his classic moves — the Power Wave and the Burn Knuckle.

Both of these are iconic moves for the character, and given how the Super Smash Bros. series tends to be pretty straightforward in which moves are assigned to which direction, it seems fairly safe to assume that Power Wave will be his neutral B and that Burn Knuckle will be his side B.

Before we dive into what I believe his other two Special Moves will be, there's something we need to look at first. Most people nowadays are undoubtedly most familiar with Terry Bogard as a regular face in the King of Fighters series who's always there as one of SNK's most popular characters.

Of course, anyone who's been playing SNK games for a long time knows that he originated in a different series, Fatal Fury, which was later brought into the fold in King of Fighters alongside a bunch of other SNK properties such as Art of Fighting, Ikari Warriors and Psycho Soldier.

On the Super Smash Bros. website and in the footage we've seen of Terry so far, his series icon is that of Fatal Fury — not King of Fighters. This makes sense since Sakurai is a big stickler for gaming history, and while there are definitely more things in common between the two iterations of Terry than there are differences, it's important to note that this is mainly being presented as Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury.

With this in mind, it's simple to just take a look at Terry's original moveset from the first few Fatal Fury games, where he had exactly four special moves. Power Wave and Burn Knuckle we've already seen, and my speculation was that they'll be his neutral and side B attacks. The remaining two fit perfectly into the other two slots, being Rising Tackle and Crack Shoot, which are great fits for his up B and down B, respectively.

Something we've already seen with Ryu and Ken is that they have enhanced versions of their moves if you do the full motion, and there's really no reason this wouldn't apply to Terry as well, since Fatal Fury (and King of Fighters) also has a motion-based move system.

Three of his moves — Power Wave, Burn Knuckle and Crack Shoot — are regular quarter circle motions, so they wouldn't be much different from what we've already seen with the Street Fighter characters, though there'd have to be some sort of workaround for overlapping motions since the Smash series doesn't have separate punch and kick buttons.

However, one interesting part about this is that Rising Tackle is actually a charge move, which would make this the first directional charge move in Smash, if this were implemented like with the Street Fighter characters.

Another thing that we've seen with Capcom's shoto duo is multiple Final Smashes — this seems exceedingly likely for Terry, as well. His classic Desperation Move from the Fatal Fury series is of course the Power Geyser, but perhaps his most iconic finisher is the Buster Wolf.

The Buster Wolf also originated in a Fatal Fury game (the latest one, actually, namely Garou: Mark of the Wolves). Knowing Sakurai's attention to detail, it seems like a good bet that we'll see both of these implemented as Final Smashes for Terry.

As for Terry's regular moves, there's more than plenty to pick from in both the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series, so we're bound to recognize every single motion he does once he's released, if we look close enough. As long as one of his victory poses is throwing his cap away and exclaiming a hearty "OKAY!", I'll be good.

Terry Bogard's Stage

Even though they've made a point to focus on Terry as a Fatal Fury character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, his stage tells quite the different story, which isn't exactly surprising given how King of Fighters has largely usurped most of the franchises that became part of it since its inception.

Yes, indeed, Terry Bogard's stage (which you can see a screenshot of below) is an arena which features the words "King of Fighters" plastered high up, and also has at least one cameo from a different SNK character, who is decidedly not from the Fatal Fury series.

The King of Fighters arena in all of its glory, stands filled with excited admirers...

Ryo Sakazaki, the main character of Art of Fighting, makes an appearance and can be seen cheering on the fight from the sidelines. He's the only character we see in this brief view of the stage, but given the rich library of SNK characters that regularly partake in the King of Fighters tournaments, it's a safe bet we'll be seeing many more familiar faces watching the fights in this arena.

In the trailer for Terry, we saw a lot of different cameos with Ryo being one of them. There's nothing saying we'll definitely be seeing the other characters from the trailer show up on the stage, but there could be significance in these particular characters being chosen.

For reference, the characters who show up in Terry's announcement trailer besides Art of Fighting's Ryo are Kyo Kusanagi (who originated in King of Fighters), Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi and Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown and finally Iori Yagami, also originally from the King of Fighters series.

All of the aforementioned combatants have been part of the King of Fighters games at least once (even Nakoruru, in the reality-bending most recent entry of the series, King of Fighters 14), so it wouldn't be out of the question for them to show up to cheer Terry on ... Or, well, in Geese's case, probably be gloating at his defeat.

Whatever the case, it's clear that we've got a King of Fighters arena stage for Terry, which means that Smash isn't going to be focusing exclusively on Fatal Fury content for this latest fighter.

Other Likely Content

Given that Terry is serving as a form of amalgamation of his Fatal Fury and King of Fighters selves, it's fair to assume that we'll be getting some rocking musical tracks from the King of Fighters series, which is filled to the brim with amazing music.

We'll obviously be getting some Terry theme songs (he has a few different ones, as is customary with King of Fighters characters), but given full access to both Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, the mind boggles at the potential for music we have to get in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which is already overpacked with new remixes and classic renditions of many of gaming's most celebrated musical pieces.

My personal hopes are that we'll get some new, fresh remixes of tracks like Psycho Soldier, Arashi no Saxophone, Soy Sauce for Geese and most importantly the King of Fighters 2002 version of ESAKA.

Previous DLC characters have come with around 10 tracks each, but I personally really hope they go above and beyond for SNK... I mean, come on, it's KoF! It's not entirely unprecedented either, with Castlevania getting a whopping 34 tracks, though this was part of the launch roster.

Another thing to keep our hopes up for would be the Wild Wolf look that Terry is rocking in Garou: Mark of the Wolves as an alternate costume. Given that the series' previous game's DLC characters Cloud from Final Fantasy and Bayonetta from... well, Bayonetta, both received secondary costumes, as well as this game's DLC cast members Persona's Joker and Dragon Quest's Hero (who in fact has four different characters baked in to one), it's definitely a possibility we'll be holding out hope for.

I've also seen people bring up the possibility of having the SNK Heroines version of Terry (that is, a female verison of Terry) available because of SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy being heavily marketed for the Nintendo Switch and the prevalence of characters in the current roster for which you can pick male or female versions, but given that the woman version of Terry is nothing but a joke feature in a very recent spin-off game (at least as of right now), I strongly doubt we'd see it added to Smash.

We're bound to get a bunch of spirits connected to the SNK powerhouse as well, since we saw some added for Persona, Dragon Quest and Banjo-Kazooie, though it's hard to tell how many. Given the vast library of characters that are connected to the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters series, they could get pretty crazy with it if they wanted to.

The most important aspect of Terry Bogard as a character, though, is all of his iconic voice lines, customarily performed in broken English by a Japanese voice actor, which we've already gotten a taste of in his unveiling. One would hope that Sakurai and his team are well aware that an absence of "ARE YOU OKAY?" would leave all of Terry's fans in a state of very much not being okay.

Well, seeing as Terry Bogard is my absolute favorite fighting game character across the whole genre, I'm sure I'll end up pleased no matter what eaxctly he brings with him to Nintendo's crossover extravaganza (or celebration of gaming, if you will).

With his inclusion, one of the most historically significant and highly celebrated fighting game developers will now be part of the Super Smash Bros. universe. With SNK now being part of the Smash family, what are you hoping to see added, and is there anything you hope that Terry isn't missing in his moveset or general representation? Let us know in the comments.

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