What we're expecting from Street Fighter 5's next version if it drops early next year, Bonchan takes over, SNK is leveling up, and Battleship

EventHubs Podcast episode 67

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 4, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. PDT | Comments: 40

With September upon us, we're getting into the final chapters of 2019 and Street Fighter 5's fourth season. As we turn our eyes to what might next be in store we're feeling there's a good chance a major update is still in store.

If that does come to pass, what kind of major general changes would best fit SF5 given its current status and the way fans are used to experiencing it? What kind of new mechanics would help to change things up without altering the game's basic identity?

Catalyst and I delve through this question with both a history lesson and some speculation as we try to get a wetted finger in the air and see which direction Capcom's winds will soon be blowing.

Also, RB|Bonchan has done what many thought was impossible and passed REC|Punk on the 2019 Capcom Pro Tour leaderboards. The Karin/Sagat player is red hot right now, but in this current age of technology and communication, how long will his reign realistically last?

Going on a winning streak that lasts through EVO is a good look by many fighting game fans' standards, but Catalyst doesn't quite see things that way. He has a few things to say about EVO, and how it might not deserve all the hype it tends to get.

All this plus we look at the big moves SNK seems to be making, I learned a valuable fighting game lesson from getting owned by my girlfriend at Battleship, and we check the mailbag.


00:46 - What kind of mechanical updates should a Street Fighter 5 update include?
28:59 - Bonchan usurps Punk, but how long will his reign last, and was this is a bad time to get hot?
37:11 - EVO is a joke for payouts - Catalyst has some words for the Vegas major (continued at 40:48)
50:32 - SNK is getting guest characters in every other game
53:50 - What I learned about fighting games from playing Battleship
1:01:30 - Cornering your opponent and NOT going in
1:04:53 - Mailbag

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