The Homerun Contest returns for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It’s finally back and "this will pretty much be our final new mode" — Masahiro Sakurai

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • September 4, 2019 at 4:57 p.m. PDT | Comments: 5

Since Melee, the Homerun Contest in Smash has been one of the fan favorite side events. Showcasing your ability to do obscene damage to the sandbag, and then send it flying over record long distances has been a fun past time for most smashers.

Finally the Homerun Contest returns. Missing from Ultimate since it's release, it is now on it's way back.

If you wanted every trophy, or achievement in previous iterations of Smash, you knew you would have to reckon with the Homerun Contest. You and the sandbag, one-on-one to knock it as far as possible.

There were always exclusive stickers and trophies associated with the contest. Full completion of the game required knocking the sandbag to multiple distances.

The return of it also means that two-man Homerun Contest is also coming. You and a friend can team up and see how far you can bash the bag.

Masahiro Sakurai also said something very important regarding the mode. "This will pretty much be our final new mode."

Are you excited to see the return of the Homerun Contest? What fighter or fighter combination will knock it furthest?

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