Cammy was supposed to be named 'Sarah' but was changed last-minute; Street Fighter's hilariously neurotic history of renaming characters

Ken Masters allegedly got his last name thanks to Barbie

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • September 4, 2019 at 8:54 a.m. PDT | Comments: 30

Street Fighter's lore is often not the most well thought out nor consistent, but this loose and (dare I say?) lackadaisical approach to storytelling has made for some very interesting creative choices and changes over the franchise's 30+ year history.

Larry Bundy Jr has put together a wonderful video wherein he explores some of the strangest creative decisions Capcom has made when it comes to naming their iconic characters. Anyone who is a fan of the series at all will surely get a kick out of this dump of peculiar information.

It's fairly well known, for example, that three of the game's bosses had their names swapped around when Street Fighter 2 made it out to the West, and the reason for this was because M. Bison was a bit too close to Mike Tyson. Why the three-way switch between Bison, Vega, and Balrog instead of simply changing Boxer with one other character? The video delves a bit further to answer this lesser-known bit of Street Fighter trivia.

There have actually been quite a few name alterations that have come about because of external influences or happenings. Ken allegedly got his last name, Masters, because when toy company Hasbro wanted to start making Street Fighter action figures, they weren't all that gung-ho about using only "Ken" since Mattel's ultra-popular Barbie had a boyfriend with that moniker.

Did you know that the franchise's poster boy, Ryu, actually received a last name in the 1994 Street Fighter film and Capcom hung onto it as canon afterward? Chun-Li also received a last name, and Sagat a first. The interesting thing about the latter is that the Thai fighter's new name was Russian for reasons we just don't know.

All of this info and more await in the video below. Let us know if you learned anything you found particularly enticing by sharing your reactions in the comments.

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