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Tekken 7 adding expanded Practice features, frame data, personalized replays and tips to improve punishes and gameplay

Harada's own costume will also be coming to the game, this time not as a joke

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 27, 2019 at 7:15 a.m. PDT • Comments: 100

Tekken has long been regarded as one of the most difficult fighting games to learn using only its in-game tools though the development team is looking to really change that appearance in the near future.

Bandai Namco announced during the Tokyo Tekken Masters finals that Tekken 7 will soon receive brand new features to help teach and guide players through frame data, personalized tips and punishment guides split between paid DLC and free updates.

While the frame data display features โ€” for practice, warm up, player match spectate, and tournament โ€” are part of the paid DLC package, sample combo overhaul, replay, tips, punishment practice, and bearded man costume are all free.

DLC 13 for Tekken 7 will include frame data displays for Practice mode with two ways to take advantage of the feature. Detailed display will show expanded data like startup frames, advantage / disadvantage, move position and distance from the opponent.

Simple display on the other hand, colorizes characters to showcase which fighter has the frame advantage after hitting or blocking a certain attack or string.

These displays can also be used in other modes including casual online player matches to better understand the flow of battle and how to punish opponents.

Sample combos will also be expanded in the menus to include more possible options of varying difficulties. Paul was shown to have 15 different strings to try out.

Punishment Training will help players learn specific character match ups better by recommending which attacks can be used to punish a fighter's most popular buttons. The display will even flash to indicate the timing of when players can input their punishes.

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Free for everyone will be the My Replays and Tips which will assist players going over match footage and show them where potential punish opportunities happened during rounds that were not capitalized upon.

These in-game tips will also allow players to pause the replays, skip rounds, skip tips and other included features. Replays can be pulled from offline and online matches.

To close out these announcements, Bandai Namco revealed the Katsuhiro Harada character from April Fool's Day will actually be coming to Tekken 7 in a way through new, free customization items to dress up fighters in the director's suit and sunglasses.

Price is currently undecided for the frame data DLC though Bandai Namco's Michael Murray says they're looking around the $3โ€“4 range; it'll also be included with the third season pass.

DLC 13 is scheduled to release this winter with the My Replays and Tips feature coming to Tekken 7 shortly thereafter.

You can check out the full presentation from the Tekken major in the stream archive here.

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