Marvel vs. Capcom 3's Producer is no longer working on fighting games

Ryota Niitsuma is out of the fighting game game

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 24, 2019 at 7 p.m. PDT

Though it was a major departure from what the community understood as traditional fighting games at the time, the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise wound up reaching such levels of success that it broadened the genre's definition and has become one of the most recognizable the FGC over.

With its 2.2 million copies sold, (3.4 if you count the Ultimate update sales) the popularity of 2011's Marvel vs. Capcom 3 makes it the best selling of the bunch. We're a bit teary-eyed to report to you today that Ryota Niitsuma, the Producer of MvC3, has revealed that he no longer works on fighting games.

This news came about via Twitter thread when Niitsuma responded to a wonderfully heartwarming thank you for MvC3 from a player by the name of Seth Gravijah.

"It's been a while I didn't thank you again Ryota Niitsuma san, for making the best, most fun & deep fighting game I ever played #UMVC3 it shined my gamer life for years at a level you can't imagine," said Gravijah. "Thank you so much Niitsuma saaaan!"

While we were aware that Niitsuma was in no way involved with the production of ill-fated Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, we had not caught wind that he was out of fighting game production altogether.

While we consider the fact that we may never get another MvC with Mr. Niitsuma's special touch again, we surely are thankful for the countless hours of fun and competition that his game afforded our community.

You can view Niitsuma's message, along with the thank you note containing a sentiment that so many in the community share, right here:

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