Berlin Tekken Clash 2019 results

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Update: This story has been updated with final results.

Berlin Tekken Clash 2019 is happening this weekend in, as you might expect, Berlin, Germany.

Some notable players set to fight it out here are CRaZY|SuperAkouma, UYU|LowHigh, CGG|Tissuemon, UYU|Jeondding, DG|Asim, MVP|Pekos, Illusion|CherryBerryMango, AXL|Fergus, DG|KaneAndTrench, VGIA|Caiper, Rize|Chickenmaru, Exeed|Ghirlanda, BL|Sephiblack, NLE|Bode, 200K|ThePhantom, Konix|Gunni, DG|RooKang, 200K|SignorFarfalla, E.E.|HarryPotter, Ryan Hart and Rize|GoukiAkuma, though there are of course many more as well.

This is a Challenger Event on the Tekken World Tour with points on the line, and with the Tekken World Tour drawing ever closer to its end this year, these points are more precious than ever.

It is likely that this is why there's such a massive turnout for this event, with almost 300 players showing up to try their hand at navigating through the bracket and reaching the very end for that full point gain.

This is a Tekken only event, so the streams and coverage will be Tekken 7 and nothing else.

Streaming is being done at Berlin Tekken Clash.

Tekken 7 — Results

1. UYU|LowHigh (Shaheen, Law, Steve)
2. DG|KaneAndTrench (Yoshimitsu, Noctis, Negan)
3. Exeed|Ghirlanda (Katarina, Julia)
4. VGIA|Caiper (Akuma)
5. CRaZY|SuperAkouma (Akuma)
5. UYU|Jeondding (Eddy)
7. Illusion|CherryBerryMango (Jin)
7. MVP|Pekos (Geese)

9. DG|Asim (Geese, Steve, Kazumi)
9. Rize|Chickenmaru (Josie)
9. Konix|Gunni (JACK-7)
9. E.E.|HarryPotter (Heihachi)
13. Rize|GoukiAkuma (Akuma)
13. DBP (Bob)
13. CLKR|SweatyFingerz (Kuma)
13. AXL|Fergus (Asuka, Zafina, Julia)

17. TKA|Mr. Croft (Xiaoyu)
17. 200K|DivineTricks (Xiaoyu)
17. 200K|ThePhantom (Master Raven)
17. SaltySal (Claudio)
17. CGG|Tissuemon (Master Raven)
17. CorleoneMatt (Eddy, Lars)
17. BL|Sephiblack (Miguel)
17. NLE|Bode (Julia, Leo)

25. Ryan Hart (Kazuya)
25. DS|Shirdel (Alisa)
25. Mosquito (Eddy)
25. Bati (King)
25. Sabredabre (Nina)
25. Kartonkopf (Anna)
25. Lavadeu (Eddy)
25. Rize|Wiki (Hwoarang)

Tekken 7 — Top 8 battle log

• Grand finals, first set: UYU|LowHigh (Shaheen) eliminated DG|KaneAndTrench (Negan, Yoshimitsu) 3-0.

• Losers finals: DG|KaneAndTrench (Yoshimitsu) eliminated Exeed|Ghirlanda (Julia, Katarina) 3-0.

• Winners finals: UYU|LowHigh (Shaheen) beat Exeed|Ghirlanda (Katarina) 3-1.

• Losers semi-finals: DG|KaneAndTrench (Noctis) eliminated VGIA|Caiper (Akuma) 2-0.

• DG|KaneAndTrench (Yoshimitsu) eliminated UYU|Jeondding (Eddy) 2-0.

• VGIA|Caiper (Akuma) eliminated CRaZY|SuperAkouma (Akuma) 2-0.

• DG|KaneAndTrench (Yoshimitsu) eliminated MVP|Pekos (Geese) 2-1.

• CRaZY|SuperAkouma (Akuma) eliminated Illusion|CherryBerryMango (Jin) 2-1.

• Winners semi-finals: UYU|LowHigh (Law) beat VGIA|Caiper (Akuma) 2-1.

• Winners semi-finals: Exeed|Ghirlanda (Katarina) beat UYU|Jeondding (Eddy) 2-0.

Event Schedule

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All times listed are CEST.

Time Zone Conversion:
PDT: Subtract 9 hours.
EDT: Subtract 6 hours.
UTC: Subtract 2 hours.
BST: Subtract 1 hour.
JST: Add 7 hours.

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