New Poison crossover costume in Devil May Cry's Lady revealed for Street Fighter 5

Hey there pretty lady, wanna go hunt some demons?

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 17, 2019 at 10:11 a.m. PDT | Comments: 42

Poison has only been out in Street Fighter 5 for like two months now, but she's already being graced with her first crossover costume in the game.

Capcom revealed today that Poison will be receiving a Lady outfit from Devil May Cry as part of SF5:AE's Extra Battle mode with missions beginning next week.

Interestingly, this costume is based on Lady's Devil May Cry 4 appearance similarly to Ed's Nero, Ken's Dante, Laura's Gloria and Cody's Vergil previously released outfits despite DMC5 releasing earlier this year.

While she is missing her trusted Kalina Ann weaponry from DMC, Capcom says that Poison's Lady cosplay here will still serve a similar purpose with her whip working like her gun's grappling bayonet.

As per usual with Extra Battle costumes in Street Fighter 5, Poison's Lady digs will be split up into four weekly missions beginning on October 25 and run through November 22. Each mission will cost 2,500 Fight Money per attempt, so the whole outfit will cost at least 10,000 FM.

Tomorrow will also mark the beginning of the end for Kage's Vajra Form Asura costume missions where the outfit will then be able to be used for all who have kept up to this point.

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In other related news, Yoshinori Ono also recently took the stage at Brazil Game Show to confirm that more characters and content will be coming to Street Fighter 5 and be announced this year.

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