Where are pros placing fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? This new tier list combines them all together to get a bigger consensus of who's on top

Could almost say it's the... Ultimate tier list

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • October 13, 2019 at 8:49 a.m. PDT

Tier lists in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate certainly vary from player to player due to their match up experience and beliefs which is why ideas like community tier list can help get a better idea of how the audience as a whole is feeling.

So with all these professional players dropping their opinions and tier lists, which do you trust? Inktivate has helped clear that up a bit by creating a composite tier list based off of the rankings being dropped in the last few months from people like NRG|Nairo, GW|Zackray, TG|Raito, CLG|Void, Alliance|Armada, eU|Samsora, Liquid|Dabuz, TSM|Leffen and many more.

The top tier is very consistent here, with Joker, Peach, Wario and Palutena all included. We also see Pikachu and Pokemon Trainer amongst others.

High tier also seems to match the general consensus. We see most of these players were in agreement on a lot of the list. Mega Man, R.O.B, and Greninja all populate the high tier area.

A surprise in the mid-tier happens with Ken being the first fighter mentioned. Ness and Banjo-Kazooie also are in the mid-tier.

Low tier sticks to what is expected of Ultimate aside from Ice Climbers being in it. Piranha Plant and Doctor Mario also are within the tier.

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