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Which characters are the best candidates for Street Fighter 5 DLC here in the end of Season 4?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • October 11, 2019 at 7:40 p.m. PDT • Comments: 91

After Yoshinori Ono's Brazil Game Show address we're one step closer to new Street Fighter 5 "characters, content, and information."

We're not sure if we'll be getting any newcomers in November or December, nor do we know how many are still en route for Season 4, but we can fantasize and take some estimated guesses based on rumors, trends, and community preferences.

There really isn't any way to iron down what kind of barometer Capcom is specifically using in their DLC character selection process, but we're all but sure that general popularity in the community is one big part of the picture.

As such, we'll be calling on Capcom's most recent CFN character popularity poll as one significant reference for our speculation here.

We can also look at apparent themes in character choice from past seasons of downloadable content, and we can look at data mining rumors and alleged leaks (with sizeable grains of salt) as possible leads that we should at least be aware of.

In writing this I'm realizing that it's more and more open-ended, and that it really does feel like it's coming down to developer prerogative more than anything else. Still we can do some reading of the tea leaves while we await whatever is coming in November and December.


With regards to Makoto, I've heard, with a surprising amount of frequency, that she'd be naturally too overpowered in Street Fighter 5. She's always been a rush down, in your face, type of character who can zip right up and get the mix-ups started faster than you can say "Tosshin Seikentsuki Hayate."

While this is very much understandable, there are two things to be said to it. The first is that Capcom developers would surely pay some attention to balancing the character's traditional abilities within the SF5 atmosphere.

There's plenty of room for OP error with Makoto's quick get-ins and powerful command grab/strike 50/50's, but Capcom has shown a pretty good record of not making characters unfairly strong through all of 2019. Before that, G was really the only member of Season 3 DLC that has caused much stir in this particular avenue.

Secondly, it actually wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if Makoto (or anyone, really) floated to the top of the pack. The Street Fighter 5 community is definitely experiencing some Akuma/Rashid fatigue, and there are a few other strong characters that are starting to become eyesores.

I'm not saying I want the game broken or for the character to be the absolute best by a full head and shoulders, but it wouldn't be a bad look for a fighter like Makoto to drop and quickly rise to the top five of the tier chart.

Considering Makoto sits at number two on Capcom's CFN poll, and that she and Q are the only two in the top 10 that aren't already in SF5, I'd say she makes a lot of sense from a lot of different angles.

You can see the full results of said poll in the gallery right here:

CFN Character Popularity Poll image #1 CFN Character Popularity Poll image #2 CFN Character Popularity Poll image #3
Click images for larger versions


Sodom hails both from Final Fight and the Street Fighter Alpha days, and is an interesting case in that he's not the most popular character, (37th in the CFN poll) but he does get a good bit of discussion time.

Capcom has clearly made Final Fight a recurring theme in their DLC as Abigail, Cody, Poison, Lucia, and technically Zeku (more than a fifth of the current total of added characters) all got their starts over in that IP. Sodom also happens to appear quite obviously in the latest Pro Tour stage, which is set in Metro City.

We've been talking about this character as potential DLC for quite some time starting with when we heard that he was actually considered by developers for SF5, but didn't make it because he was too difficult to fit into the game's story.

Story probably isn't an issue at this point, so the excuse for no Sodom is technically gone. Earlier this year MajinTenshinhan developed an article listing a few more reasons why Sodom is a good candidate, all surrounding the character's appearance in the CPT stage.


This character has been in the upcoming DLC conversation seemingly since the start of Street Fighter 5, but certainly over the last two years.

Most of what's been said about Rose's probability to join the roster comes from rumors, possible hints and half-believable data-mining leaks, and despite a ton of conversation and references to all the shaky-at-best evidence, we still don't have her.

This makes it somewhat difficult to confidently point the finger in her direction, but she does make some sense from a general popularity standpoint. At 23rd overall on the CFN poll, (with only nine non-SF5 characters ahead of her) her inclusion would surely make a number of fans (with Catalyst at the forefront of them all) happy.

Rose has also made a few brief appearances in SF5's character story sequences and thus far has a relationship with both G and Menat. She's certainly not the only one to make such appearances, but it is one more foot in the door, so to speak, for her.

Oro, C. Viper, and Honorable Mentions

Everything I just wrote about Rose goes for Oro and C. Viper as well. These two actually occupy the two spaces above Rose on the CFN popularity poll, and have been in the SF5 DLC conversation since day one.

Data miners and leakers have reported that we should all but expect them, and yet we still have yet to see either the old hermit from Street Fighter 3 or the gadget-using mom spy from Street Fighter 4.

There are large enough fan bases for both of these two that Capcom would probably see some good download numbers next to either name.

There are plenty of others that you could make a good case for (Fei Long, Yun and/or Yang, Dudley, any of the Bison Dolls, Abel) whether it be based on character legacy or the fact that we've already spotted working versions of them in SF5's story: A Shadow Falls.

Sound off in the comments as to who you think is most likely and who you most hope to see in the coming months.

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