Who has the best set of EX specials in Street Fighter 5? - Wolfgang unleashes tier list for the top and worst users of meter in the game

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 9, 2019 at 9:39 a.m. PDT

EX powered-up versions of special moves have existed for over 20 years in Street Fighter titles, and some moves are certainly better than others when it comes to burning preciously limited meter to use them.

The excellent Blanka player Wolfgang recently sat down and compiled a Street Fighter 5 tier list unique to most due to the fact that it's built around how strong a particular characters repertoire of EX specials are in Season 4 specifically.

These rankings aren't for only "just do it" moves to get in for free like say Urien's EX Chariot Tackle but instead how strong all of their specials are as a whole in current play whether they be used for advantage or combo pieces.

Looking at the placements on the tier list, however, produces much of the same results as many feel for the traditional strength which shouldn't be surprising. The four most "Godlike" fighters with the best sets of EX moves according to Wolfgang are Birdie, Ibuki, Akuma and Karin.

Meanwhile, the player believes that Zeku, Poison and Kage are the bottom three. This doesn't mean that their specials are useless but more so they don't do enough for the characters' game plans to be regularly worth spending meter on over their normal versions.

Wolfgang's x-axis criteria is also based around if their EX specials are made better by their V-Triggers or not, so you have characters like Urien and Balrog on one of the spectrum there while Nash and Alex don't gain much by spending a bar when their trigger is popped.

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