We all lose and things happen — here's how to avoid getting tilted in fighting games

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • October 12, 2019 at 12:36 p.m. PDT

We see it happen all the time, whether on stream or in real life. Players get tilted because SOMETHING happens that triggers the reaction.

The question is how in the world do you avoid that feeling and reaction? What are the top players doing to avoid it? This video details how you can beat getting tilted. Be advised there is some NSFW language in the video.

Did you know that getting tilted predates video games? It was documented with pinball in the 1940s, so it isn't some phenomenon just with our generation. It was a term used by the actual pinball machine.

Players got so upset with pinball they would get rough with the machines. As a result, if you got too animated or tough on the machine, it would flash tilted, and end the game.

Getting tilted is a feeling and reaction we have all felt. Maybe you're playing Smash Ultimate, and Joker gets Arsene, and casually does two up airs. Now you're sitting at 48%, and one back air later you're dead. Or maybe you're playing Street Fighter 5, and Rashid decides to Rashid and carry you from corner to corner.

These actions trigger you, and you become enraged. You can't play your game anymore because you're so upset. You're so livid at what's happening to you in-game you've lost your composure.

The main thing with going full tilt, is that you must remember you can come full circle and recover. The difference in how you deal with being tilted can ultimately determine if you win or lose.

A point made throughout the informational video is that you must accept and embrace that frustration — because if you don't it will take over. There's a simple three-step in-game tilt management plan: register the feeling of being tilted and accept it, release it and recognize you're deviating from the gameplan, and last, refocus and get back to thinking about the present.

A cognitive psychologist, esteemed Poker tilt expert, and Legend Hearthstone player give unique insight throughout the video. This is one to watch if you want to figure out how to improve on your mindset when you get tilted.

Source: theScore esports

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