Shin Akuma in Street Fighter 5's ranked mode? A hacker has been spotted robbing people of their points through some serious shenanigans

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • October 6, 2019 at 3:31 p.m. PDT

Akuma is widely considered to be one of the strongest characters to choose in Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. If you run into a particularly skilled opponent that's using this Shoto, you know that you're probably going to be in for a tough battle.

Having said that, there's actually a version of Akuma that's even more powerful, though he is inaccessible through normal means. Shin Akuma is a non-playable boss version that really ramps up the fighter's combat abilities in unbelievable ways.

A certain hacker has been spotted in Street Fighter 5's ranked mode while playing as this upgraded variant. Honestly, Shin Akuma's only weakness is the fact that he is controlled by an A.I. opponent. When a human is using him, that obviously stops being the case.

We clearly see that the player is able to shoot two air fireballs with Akuma at the beginning of the clip. This feat should only be possible when Akuma's V-Trigger is activated.

In addition to this, access to the Raging Demon is immediately available without V-Trigger. Not only that, but Akuma's Critical Art gauge refills instantly.

The Raging Demon is shown to be faster and more damaging compared to normal circumstances. It doesn't help that it's possible to actually combo into this version of the Critical Art for massive amounts of damage.

More than likely, the inputs have probably been assigned to a macro since Akuma's standing light punches are never visibly demonstrated.

Unfortunately, while Akuma's attacks appear to have all the properties of Shin Akuma's attacks, he isn't donning the silver hair look that Shin Akuma is iconic for.

Click image for animated version

Of course, the "fun" doesn't stop there. This hacker has also been spotted defeating an opponent's entire lifebar with a single attack while using Abigial. Strangely, this user has not yet been banned from the CFN despite ranking up through illegitimate means.

Sources: DemonDan, Lord Froington.

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