The star of Untitled Goose Game has been wreaking havoc across the internet but finds a kindred spirit in Geese Howard with funny Fatal Fury comic

The Fated Battle

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • October 3, 2019 at 5:20 a.m. PDT

The Untitled Goose Game looked like it was shaping up to be a hit from its initial trailer, and it seems to have delivered on that mischievous promise causing fans around the world to adopt the goose as their bringer of hope, chaos and memes.

Not even fighting games are immune from the honking menace, as artist Nyattoberry recently created a fun little comic crossing over with Fatal Fury's iconic Geese Howard — for obvious reasons.

What started out as a simple portrait of Geese turned into a sketch of Geese fighting the goose which ultimately inspired them to make a full mini-comic recreating the ending of the original Fatal Fury albeit with a new and comical ending.

The first page of the set features goose kicking Geese off of the top of his tower as per tradition and begins to fall to his doom. The martial arts-obsessed crime boss then notices that he's no longer falling because the goose actually caught his pants in its mouth.

After pulling Geese back up on the ledge, the goose walks away perhaps wanting the SNK villain to get stronger and take him on again which puts a smile on Howard's face.

Geese Howard has long faced ridicule for his odd name, but it seems he's found a fictional kindred spirit in a goose who also likes to ruin people's days for their own personal gain and pleasure.

The Untitled Goose Game is currently available on Nintendo Switch systems and on PC as a quirky puzzle game featuring said goose going around town stealing items and generally messing with its citizens.

This isn't the first time we've seen Geese's plummet off his tower recreated in the past months, as it was also used in Terry Bogard's reveal trailer for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

You can check out Nyattoberry's full set of crossover Geese goose art below, and you can find more King of Fighters related pieces on their Twitter page though you may also come across some slightly NSFW images there too. We've also included the game's trailer for those of you who have somehow missed it up to this point on the internet.

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