Kolin's second V-Skill could possibly freeze the opponent's stun meter in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, here's why I suspect this

Posted by Justin 'AdaptiveTrigger' Gordon • November 30, 2019 at 7:29 p.m. PST | Comments: 15

Along with the announcement of Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, we've received news that every character in the game will be receiving an additional V-Skill that can be chosen at the start of a match. This is similar to how Street Fighter 5 at one point introduced new V-Triggers for the entire cast.

For some characters, this presents an opportunity to improve upon their lackluster V-Gauge systems. Generally speaking, many of the top tiers benefit from having access to powerful V-Skills and V-Triggers that can help them turn the tide in almost any battle.

Kolin is actually one of the characters that already has a powerful V-Gauge system. So what could Capcom possible do for her second V-Skill?

We know that Gill is the next character that will be playable in Street Fighter 5. Interestingly enough, this fighter has a unique gimmick where he can create status debuffs on the opponent.

Gill has the ability to either freeze the opponent's stun bar with cold-elemental attacks or burn the opponent's health into grey life with heat-elemental attacks. By hitting the enemy with the opposite effect after this, a "Retribution" mechanic will be triggered.

However, long time Street Fighter 5 players should already know that Gill's ability to freeze stun meters isn't the first of its kind. Kolin has actually been capable of doing this since her release.

Being able to freeze enemies is an ability that's locked behind Kolin's first and second V-Triggers. Unfortunately, there's actually no other way for Kolin to create the freeze status effect outside of her V-Triggers.

Why is this? More than likely, Capcom was unsure of how strong of an option this would be during gameplay. To be cautious, they didn't allow Kolin to induce this status outside of her V-Triggers.

Since Gill is now given the ability to do this via his EX specials, it's possible that Capcom might feel more comfortable giving Kolin an attack that can freeze stun gauges via her second V-Skill.

Of course, this is quite a trade off. Kolin's first V-Skill is a great tool that essentially gives her armor in the middle of the move.

I imagine her second V-Skill will lose out on this armor property, but will freeze the opponent's stun in return.

Relegating this ability as a V-Skill likely won't have an impact of the viability of Kolin's V-Triggers. Even without the freeze effects, both her V-Triggers are already fantastic in terms of utility — especially that second V-Trigger.

Kolin is generally identified by her cryomancer abilities, cold personality, and undying loyalty to Gill. Giving her yet another ability to essentially freeze opponents via her upcoming V-Skill could go a long way in better cementing that identification.

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