Who is Gill and how does he factor into Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition's story? Here's what we know so far

More answers likely coming once the character is released

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 29, 2019 at 6 p.m. PST | Comments: 19

The big boss of Street Fighter 3 is en route to Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition as Gill has been revealed as the game's 39th character. Franchise fans will almost certainly have heard of the messianic baddie, but many may not be aware of the particulars of his general story.

We thought it would be interesting to recap who Gill is in the Street Fighter realm and take a specific look at how he seems to fit in Street Fighter 5's arc. A bit of a caveat before we begin, this is not a series known for consistent nor coherent storylines, so we go into this some pretty tempered expectations when it comes to motivating factors.

Gill is the older brother of Urien and son to two high-ranking members of a mysterious organization known as the Secret Society. Gill is genetically altered during his youth to become smarter, faster, and stronger than his peers, and is elected President of the Secret Society over his ill-tempered brother, who gets sloppy Vice President seconds.

Urien eventually challenges Gill for his title as President, and Gill actually lets his jealous sibling win. While Urien becomes President (we see him as such in the story of Street Fighter 5) Gill is actually promoted to Emperor and seen as the messiah who will bring about a prophesied utopia.

Although it was a good two decades ago that we first met Gill in Street Fighter 3, the events of Street Fighter 5 actually fall before those of SF3 on the franchise timeline. This means that what we see of Gill in SF5 is all a precursor to the franchise's third numbered title.

It's likely been a while since many of us have played through A Shadow Falls, but its plot essentially follows the World Warriors as they try to stop M. Bison and Shadallo from setting off some weapons of mass destruction: seven "Black Moons" that have been put in orbit around the planet.

Working for Gill and the Secret Society, Kolin (known as Helen throughout all but the end of SF5's story) is tasked with bringing about the end of Bison according to one of the Society's ancient prophetical texts. She is to do this by resurrecting Charlie Nash into an (assumably) more powerful version of his former self so that he can exact revenge on his murderer.

While Nash does play a key role in Bison's death, he is only able to sap some of Bison's power during their showdown. Nash ultimately is defeated and it is a leveled up Ryu who finishes Bison off. Though their mission is technically completed, Helen apologizes to Gill since things technically did not go according to the prophecy.

Gill transforms Helen into Kolin (though it's unclear why or what exactly this does for her... perhaps this is when she gains her ice powers?) and from there we enter into the story of SF3.

The Secret Society's goal is to bring about the salvation of mankind, and they plan to do that via mass extinction and then a repopulation with the strongest humans living in a utopia. Gill puts together the third World Warrior tournament to try to sniff a handful of these more deserved humans out.

He winds up being defeated by Alex (lol, what?) and then eventually killed by Akuma's Raging Demon. After Akuma leaves, however, Gill simply resurrects himself.

As far as Street Fighter 5's story is concerned, it seems Gill is more thematically linked to A Shadow Falls than anything. The major threat comes in the form of satellite weapons known as Black Moons, and the keys to controlling said weapons are small chess-like pieces carved into a sun and a moon.

Although it's technically Shadaloo who would have developed all of these, Gill's incoming new arena is called the "Sun Chase Moon" stage and it features a simultaneous day and night separated, from the audience's perspective, by a towering Secret Society base.

The whole sun and moon thing seems to point to the concepts of balance and duality, two themes Gill shares as he is tasked with bringing a sense of balance to the human race via destruction and rebirth.

As is often the case with Street Fighter tales, theming feels like it comes after visual design. According to the Street Fighter Wiki the reason Gill was created as a red and blue character was to showcase new graphical capabilities to create fighting game sprites that were not merely mirrored images when they were facing left vs. right.

The CPS-3 board allowed for this, and Kolin's sprite was given an intentionally asymmetrical haircut in Street Fighter 3 for the same reason.

We're very much looking forward to getting yet another piece of this puzzle as we'll surely get more information via Gill's character story once he's released. These have all been precursors to the events of SF5, and we even get a glimpse of Gill in Kolin's character story.

Gill slated to release some time in December after Capcom Cup (Dec 13-15) and will be purchasable for either $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money. Sun Chase Moon will be available for $3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money.

If you'd like to know a little bit more about how Gill will play in SF5:CE, you can check out our V-System breakdown as well as our Retribution mechanic breakdown.

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