Here's an idea for Vega's second V-Skill that would help him immensely in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

It'd work for defense, offense, and plug a big hole in his current design

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 29, 2019 at 7:45 p.m. PST | Comments: 33

Street Fighter 5 is about to get a healthy shake up as brand new V-Skills are en route for each and every one of the game's 38, soon to be 40, characters. This move will serve as an opportunity to add variety to play styles as well as help out some of the lower tiers in big ways.

While we have seen a few of these new techniques already showcased, the majority are still behind the scenes. I'd like to offer up an idea for Vega's V-Skill 2 that I think would really help the fighter become more of a viable pick.

A good new V-Skill should work with a character's general game plan, or at least be something they can practically use multiple times virtually every round. This is important not only for diversifying their tools, but also making a viable way to get to V-Trigger without relying only on damage intake.

Despite the fact that his identity as a Street Fighter 5 character has become tied to the fact that he's so low tier, Vega is actually quite strong in the neutral. His reach is farther than most and he can do a relatively good job of frustrating many of the other roster members as they try to get close enough to dole out bigger damage.

While it's understandable that, as a medium range character, he may not have as good of defense as most others while a foe is up in his face, he sure as hell better have the ability to keep them at bay. It's here we find one of the biggest holes in Vega's design: a lack of reliable anti-airs.

This isn't to say that jumping at Vega is free, but his lack of a DP paired with the fact that his various anti-air options are fairly slow and spacing-dependant mean that it's usually only a matter of time before rushdown opponents have the Spaniard dead to rights.

As we discussed a bit on the most recent episode of the EventHubs Podcast, Vega could really use his Scarlet Terror flip kick back, and Capcom has a prime opportunity to implement it as his second V-Skill.

Scarlet Terror has been an attack in Vega's traditional arsenal over the years, starting with Super Street Fighter 2. This move served as an anti-air and a wake up reversal in Street Fighter 4, and I think it could really do wonders for him here in SF5.

First off, I would give ST invincible frames, but only after a few frames of start up. Perhaps a frame three invincibility would be best as this would make the move a reliable anti-air and something could use while being pressured if they think they can sniff out a three frame gap.

I believe the best of the current V-Skills I can compare this to would be Cody's Double Kick. Double Kick is perfect for swatting airborne attacks and, while not as threatening as a fully invincible EX reversal, still serves as a decent "get off me" move. A slight difference to point out, however, would be that Double Kick goes straight up while Scarlet Terror would propel Vega at a bit of an angle.

If the proposed properties of an SF5 version of the flip kick sound a bit strong, Capcom could also entertain the approach of making it invincible only to airborne attacks, meaning it wouldn't be as strong of a defensive tool in the horizontal fight.

Players could pester opponents with Vega's long-range normals, coercing them to try to approach by air and then smacking them right out of it while building V-Trigger. Scarlet Terror has also been a technique Vega can combo into, and I'd say he should be able to do that here in SF5 as well.

This would ultimately make for a versatile V-Skill that Vega could use to strengthen his mid range zoning play and functions as both an offensive and defensive tool. In my opinion, that checks all the boxes you're looking for.

I suppose the fact that he could use it in combos may lead to a wider variety of choice in how players wish to play, said choice perhaps being for damage or V-Meter upon landing a successful opener.

What do you think of this idea for Vega? I'd love to hear other thoughts as we await to see what Capcom will give the vain warrior. Chime in with your two cents in the comments below.

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