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Tekken 7 characters are now available in The King of Fighters Allstar as part of limited timed event with free Jin and potentially expensive purchases

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 26, 2019 at 12:41 p.m. PST • Comments: 23

The King of Fighters Allstar is surprisingly decent for a mobile adaptation of the fighting game series, and now the beat-em-up spin-off title is bringing in a completely different roster of martial artists to join the gang for a limited time.

Tekken 7 characters are officially available in King of Fighters Allstar including a free Jin Kazama — or choice of Iori Yagami — for simply logging in, though things can get expensive if you're trying to collect everything.

On top of Jin, Xiaoyu, Heihachi, Paul, Kazuya and Armor King have also been added to Allstar as playable characters plus 11 Collaboration Battle Cards and Tekken Costume Fighters.

A Tekken 7-themed Collaboration event is also underway in support of the campaign called Bloody Fate. The first mission of which gives you control of Heihachi in order to take down a lesser form of Omega Rugal that is sure to tickle any fan's fancy. After he's defeated, Rugal even hands Heihachi an invitation for the KoF tournament.

If you're looking to guarantee yourself some good characters for this event, the price can quickly get steep with one of the product offerings being a five-star version of Xiaoyu and 500 rubies for the low price of $39.99...

This Tekken 7 collaboration is scheduled to last until December 17 in the west, so we'll have a good 20 days or so to try and get all of the collectibles we can. You can check out a new trailer for the event below and some screens of what you'll receive / see when first logging in with the latest update.

Tekken x King of Fighters image #1 Tekken x King of Fighters image #2 Tekken x King of Fighters image #3 Tekken x King of Fighters image #4
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