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Why I think there's a chance Capcom reveals a new fighting game at Capcom Cup this year

Marvel vs. Capcom 4? Capcom vs. SNK 3?

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 25, 2019 at 7:10 p.m. PST • Comments: 127

Given the eight months to start 2019 wherein we didn't get any major DLC for Street Fighter 5, the Capcom fighting game community has been widely focused on what's coming to the Capcom Pro Tour's main title here in the final two months of the year. That said, I think there's a case to be made we very well might see something outside the realm of Street Fighter.

This is all really just a reading of the tea leaves, and I'd be remiss not to point out that Capcom has proven to be particularly unpredictable in recent years. Now that my option select is in place, let's take a look at said tea leaves and see if you don't see the same potential in them.

For a good while now we've known that Capcom has had two major reveals planned for the end of 2019: one at the North American Regional Finals and the other at Capcom Cup. The NARF reveal was big as it showed off not only a brand new character in Gill but also additional V-Skills as well as a Champion Edition update that is slated to drop in February of next year.

This alone already has the community buzzing, but one would assume (though history has taught us that it is good to temper expectations with things like these) Capcom would want to save their hardest hitting reveal for right after their season's competitive crescendo.

We already have a partial idea of what to expect as a handful of content has been mentioned. The Champion Edition announcement noted a 40th character, for example, so we'll likely be seeing whomever that is.

We also know that a new online tournament mode that will have the capacity to pit hundreds of players against each other is in the works, and so that could couple with the character to add to the impact of the reveal.

With a new season on the horizon, it's time for an update to game balance, and Ono also put out a tweet on Friday that made us consider the potential for additional Champion Edition content, so we can pile those onto the potential train as well.

There could also be little quality of life changes such as an updated netcode or an addition to the single player story mode, but the most we've heard in the way of those amounts to no more than rumors.

Will this all be enough to top the NARF reveal, though? Even getting everything mentioned above, while certainly a plethora of content, still doesn't feel like it'd have the magical "oomph" Capcom would want for a major end of the year sendoff that gets people especially hyped up for 2020.

The announcement of a brand new fighting game, however? That would most certainly do the trick, especially if it's a Marvel vs. Capcom title.

Capcom is going hard in the eSports paint right now and needs to keep the CPT bolstered up as powerfully as possible. Street Fighter 5 is starting to seem a bit stale, and while the Champion Edition update will likely carry the game through 2020, we're not expecting a Street Fighter 6 to be ready to play until at least 2022 at this point.

One more year of SF5 followed by a Pro Tour featuring both SF5 and another game would be an extremely strong eSports forecast for the company's coming chapters.

Given that it's now been a little over two years since the launch of the ill-fated Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, (a game that Capcom was grooming to have a Pro Tour of its own) it feels about time for the company to make another pass at the franchise, or at least crank out some other fighter to run parallel with Street Fighter.

With 40 characters and the addition of new V-Skills on the horizon, Street Fighter 5 will be in a fairly good spot in terms of development. Ono mentioned in his Eurogamer interview that they'll be locking SF5 down for a while after Capcom Cup and that we shouldn't expect to see too much in the months after.

This news goes down fairly easy as the community really doesn't appear to be expecting too much more right now, but a new fighter would serve well to keep things fresh and vibrant while SF5 goes on something of an autopilot.

This is all just putting pieces of various clarity together to form one possible outcome and isn't at all set in stone, but I'd love to hear what you think about the probability of a new MvC or Capcom fighter reveal at the big dance next month. Chime in to the comments with your thoughts as we excitedly look forward to mid December.

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