Cosplayer recreates Captain America's Marvel vs. Capcom sprite in hilariously accurate fashion for Tokyo Comic Con 2019

This dude does not need backup... unless he wants to pick his shield back up

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 23, 2019 at 10:21 a.m. PST

Alright. I admit it. These cosplays are getting pretty crazy out there now and also pretty silly with the amount of creativity that people are putting into their big costumed projects.

Tokyo Comic Con 2019 is currently going on in Japan this weekend, and Kenchan is attending in one of the best Marvel vs. Capcom cosplays we've ever seen considering he's dressed up as Captain America's old sprite — which is quite the sight to behold in motion.

Kenchan's Marvel makeover appears to be constructed from cardboard but cut and painted up to match up almost identically to Cap's old spritework. It even has multiple points of articulation that allows him to stand behind and perform the idle stance to the best of his ability.

Unsurprisingly, this 2D costume has caught the attention of many attendees, even that of a sprite-based Ryu cosplayer... so of course they had to battle for their legacy.

This isn't the only awesome fighting game cosplay we've seen recently either, as we also just saw a martial artist transform herself into Dead or Alive's Honoka and recreate one of her combos in real life.

You can check out two clips of Kenchan's Captain America in action below including the first where he actually tosses the shield out. Tokyo Comic Con is going on November 22–24 at apparently at the same venue EVO Japan 2020 will be taking place at in just a few months.

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