Check out Sindel's extra disgusting second Fatality and see how she plays in Mortal Kombat 11

It's gross for reasons other than just gore...

Posted by John 'Velociraptor' Guerrero • November 21, 2019 at 3:01 p.m. PST | Comments: 9

The folks at NetherRealm Studios showcased the newest Mortal Kombat 11 DLC character today meaning we got our first in-depth look at the Queen of Edenia, Sindel.

Not only have developers gone back and done a bit of story retcon work (Sindel has now been revealed to have always been evil as opposed to having been manipulated over to the dark side) but we see that the Mortal Kombat 3 character has quite a few new techniques in her arsenal.

Based on the footage we watched in her reveal trailer, we figured Sindel was going to be a zoner capable of striking from afar and using attacks that leave her a good distance away from her opposition. While one of her variations does have decent zoning capabilities, she's regarded by developers as much more of a mix up character.

She is able to attack with normals from a relatively far range and thus becomes a threat when she's just a bit closer than half screen away. A big part of this is her Kwan Dao weapon which she uses for a sweeping overhead starter that can easily catch foes who are advancing on the ground or starting to jump forward.

She has some usual MK11 strings that have baked in mix ups. For instance, she can follow her overhead starter up into a safe sequence that has a rather large gap where she can be interrupted, but can also choose to perform an unsafe sequence that has no holes in it.

As good as this Kwan Dao attack is, her forward 2 is really her go-to starter according to developer Stephanie "16-bit" Brownback. This move is safe and fast but doesn't lead to a ton of follow ups so it's more for establishing space control and manipulating opponents into hesitating while playing neutral.

To compliment her overhead potential, Sindel also has a very good low that launces opponents on hit and causes her to hop back a bit during the animation. This makes it relatively safe, and we imagine we'll be seeing this move spammed online quite a bit.

She also has what looks like one of the best uppercuts in the game as it's very fast and reaches decently far in front of her. We'll go into special attacks and variation specifics next, but first, here's footage of Sindel's second Fatality, (NSFW Warning) which is particularly gross even outside of the gore:

Sindel's Extra Gross Second Fatality

Universal Specials

Sindel has access to a few specials regardless of which variation you're using, and the first of these is that banshee scream we saw in her trailer. The standard version of this scream causes a bit of damage and makes the opponent stagger, but does not leave them stunned long enough for a combo.

She can charge this scream up, however, and connecting with it after doing so does lead to a full combo afterward. Amplifying this move causes its reach to be much farther.

Standard Banshee Scream

"Main Squeeze" is her hair whip grab that will serve as a main combo ender. This attack sees Sindel nab her foe's head with her hair, and then proceed to sling them forward. If she amplifies this technique then it will do more damage and the player can choose to toss their victim backward or forward.

She can also perform her flight mechanic in any of her variations, but it's primarily a movement-based mechanic unless she's using her second tournament loadout. She's able to use this for some quick air movement as well as aerial fake outs to bait out ill-timed anti air attempts.

Variation 1

Stephanie describes this variation as a fairly simple and straightforward "overhead vs. low, get in, do damage, get out" kind of kit. "This is the one you wanna use if you just wanna play simple, play footsies, do 50/50's, and get damage," she notes.

The first move we see here is called Haircut and is something of an uppercut that Sindel can enhance to get a follow up afterward. You might use Haircut quite a bit during combos to make them longer.

Hairflip is a leaping overhead that Sindel can do from the ground or the air. If it connects, she'll flip over her foe while wrapping hair around their face and eventually whip them over herself and slam them into the ground. If it goes over a low attack, it gains Krushing Blow properties.


Variation 2

Sindel's second variation is more about stances, tricks, traps, and setups, and a lot of this is from the air.

In this variation she gains access to a handful of new air techniques such as an air scream. This attack sees her perform a midair hop which she can maneuver out of with either normals or her flight.

The idea here is to throw off the opponent when Sindel leaves the ground as they'll know she is capable of suddenly going in a variety of different directions at almost any moment.

She also has an air banshee that serves as a projectile and that can be canceled from flight. This move can be enhanced, and if the enhanced version hits then Sindel will teleport forward and get a full combo for her troubles.

This is also the variation where the Edenian Queen gets to do that walking banshee scream we saw in the trailer. This attack is a stance change maneuver that can be amplified for a ton of damage/chip and corner carry. It is punishable on block, but has a particularly long block stun and will take some practice for foes to punish consistently. Be wary of this on day one.


Variation 3

This variation is the most "zony" of the three and the least combo-heavy. This is because this loadout is mainly about projectiles – something Sindel has become somewhat known for.

She gets her low fireball that can low profile under quite a few of MK11's attacks. This is great for keeping zoning opponents in check as you can time it to completely evade most all other projectiles, and it can be amplified for more damage as well as the added bonus of knocking foes down.

She can also blast her opposition from the air with divebomb fireballs. We saw these in the trailer as well as Sindel zips up and shoots out three angled downward shots.

This is yet another good manuever for aerial mix ups as she can use it to suddenly change jump arcs while attacking the area below and in front of her. It can even be performed while jumping backward.

Sindel has a very interesting new technique in her magic orb. This is a plasma ball that she summons in the air and will hover in place until opponents get close. When the opposition is in close range, the orb will send out unblockable projectiles that cause no hit stun.

This attack has a lot of start up time, but once it's out it's a game changer that opponents will absolutely have to respect, especially if they're low on health. This looks like it'll be very good for closing out rounds.

Magic Orb

There's surely even more to the character that wasn't shown today, but we'll find out everything else come November 26 when Sindel is launched for Kombat Pack owners. Everyone else will be able to purchase her one week after that.

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