Here's how Gill's unique 'Retribution' mechanic works in Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition

Posted by Steven 'Dreamking23' Chavez • November 22, 2019 at 7:33 p.m. PST | Comments: 23

Sometime in December, fans will be able to officially get their hands on Street Fighter 5's next DLC character, Gill. The Third Strike boss is one of the big draws for the new Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition package coming next February, but those who own the game already will be able to snatch him up earlier than that.

Among the variety of returning attacks and techniques Gill comes equipped with is a brand new mechanic unique to him called "Retribution." But what does it do? And how will Gill use it in actual combat? Here's everything we've learned about it so far.

What is Retribution?

In Street Fighter 5, Gill's Retribution mechanic is a cornerstone of his gameplay. Taking advantage of his ability to harness both fire and ice elements, Retribution essentially buffs certain attacks when the elements are combined.

When the right criteria are met, Gill will see additional properties and benefits to these attacks, making for longer combos, more damage, better okizeme situations, and more.

Despite Retribution being explained under his V-Skill 1 description over on Capcom Unity, this mechanic is active with the use of any V-Skill and any V-Trigger.

How do you do it?

Certain special moves, such as the EX version of Pyrokineses and Cryokinesis, will put into place a status effect (debuff) onto the opponent that is signified by flames lingering on their body or them being covered in frost. When these are active, striking the opponent with any attack that has the opposite element will fire off Retribution.

You'll know Gill has successfully triggered Retribution from the white explosion that emits from the attack and the word "RETRIBUTION" that appears on screen.

One of the examples we see in the trailer shows Gill land an EX Cryokineses (ice ball projectile), followed by a standing heavy punch (fire effect). Doing so activates Retribution and leaves the opponent in longer hitstun, allowing for a follow-up crouching heavy punch.

Tree of Frost with Retribution active

What's interesting is that normals that have an element attached to them don't seem to trigger the debuffs, but they can be used to activate Retribution. So there will likely be room for quite a bit of experimentation when it comes to combining normals and special moves to get maximum damage and optimal set ups.

It's also worth noting that both of Gill's V-Triggers make it so that you don't have to use EX meter to activate debuffs. Primal Fire (V-Trigger 1) powers up all of his fire-type special moves, while Ice of Doom (V-Trigger 2) does the same for his ice moves. This means you'll have to be careful of Gill's Retribution whenever he pops V-Trigger.

What kind of effects can Retribution have?

As previously mentioned, Retribution adds things like juggle properties, longer hit stun, and more to certain moves.

Some of the ones we know about currently are as follows:

Standing heavy punch - becomes +10 on hit
Overhead (presumably Cryo Drop Elbow) - causes a hard knockdown
(Presumably) Cryo Rise Kick - adds more hitstun (likely +10, similar to st. HP)
Pyro Cyber Lariat - gains a juggle property
Flame Javelin - gains a juggle property (V-Trigger 1)
Burn Storm - sends the opponent into spinning juggle state (V-Trigger 1)
Tree of Frost - gains a wall bounce property (V-Trigger 2)

There's still much to learn about Gill, and as we continue to see more footage of him and get to try him ourselves, we'll be able to better understand how he plays and how all of his tools work exactly.

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