Save your Fight Money! Blanka's Nergigante Monster Hunter costume is included with Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, here's its colors and variant

You can use it right now

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 20, 2019 at 11:09 a.m. PST | Comments: 61

Although Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition will not be fully available until 2020, current owners of the game can upgrade to most of its offerings right now including almost every costume and stage available... even some that technically aren't out yet.

While looking through all of the costumes that the upgrade unlocked for me, I noticed that Blanka's crossover costume for Nergigante from Monster Hunter was selectable despite its missions in Extra Battle not starting until Friday this week.

It appears as though owning the Champion Edition upgrade will automatically unlock the Extra Battle costumes that are on their way — at least until the new version of the game itself actually launches. This seems to include all of the previous crossovers as well.

We've gone ahead and put together a gallery of Nergigante's 10 colors and Easter egg variant, and this costume may be one of the best that Street Fighter 5 has to offer.

The level of detail put into the scales, head and horn of the ancient dragon stands out quite a bit in the roster, and the color options themselves have a wide variety of drastically different choices as well.

Inputting the standard Easter egg code, all three punches, light kick and up before a battle or round starts, will give Blanka back his standard head and take away his dragon mask.

Blanka Nergigante colors image #1 Blanka Nergigante colors image #2 Blanka Nergigante colors image #3 Blanka Nergigante colors image #4 Blanka Nergigante colors image #5 Blanka Nergigante colors image #6
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You can tell it's just a mask because there's a mesh window on Nergigante's neck, so Blanka can see through the expensive-looking costume.

If you don't want to spend $25 to get this costume (and others) early, it'll still be available to unlock the standard route by spending Fight Money over four weeks and missions to finally unlock in December.

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