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You're not required to purchase Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition to keep playing the game

Online and offline modes are fully accessible, balance updates and new V-Skills coming regardless if you buy upgrade

Posted by Jonathan 'Catalyst' Grey • November 18, 2019 at 7:29 a.m. PST • Comments: 105

I've been seeing some confusion today on if players will be required to buy the Champion Edition update of Street Fighter 5 to keep playing the game, and we can report this is NOT the case.

Champion Edition is an optional upgrade for Street Fighter 5, which is essentially a giant content bundle of most of the game's characters, costumes and stages that have been released since February 2016.

We initially were told that users would only need to own one disc clear back at E3 2015, and Capcom has held up to this promise for SF5's entire lifespan — Champ Edition is no exception.

Not only will existing users not be forced to upgrade, they'll be getting brand new V-Skills and the latest balance update when they're released, without having the purchase anything. These will be added to the game in December 2019.

For most gamers, the Champion Edition update is all about what content you have unlocked already, and how much more of that you want. If you already have all of the costumes, characters and stages you want, there's no need to spend any additional money. Your client will update and be compatible with everyone else, and you can play like you always have.

However, if you're more of a completionist and want everything you can get your hands on, you can spend $25 to upgrade and grab most of the content for the game that has been released in a bundle.

If you've never played Street Fighter 5 before and don't want to buy a bunch of things separately, the $30 entry point for the full Champion Edition product is for you.

This lines up closely with Capcom's past, as they traditionally rebundle their fighting game content into cheaper packages over time, where you get all/most of the extras and items at a reduced price if you buy everything at once.

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