Dead or Alive cosplayer recreates one of Honoka's combo strings while dressed as the fighter

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 16, 2019 at 8:48 a.m. PST

If you couldn't tell by my author photo, I enjoy the art of cosplay quite a bit, and seeing people take the extra steps to embody their favorite characters is always a pleasure to see.

Dead or Alive will always have an audience of super enthusiastic fans, and a Japanese cosplayer going by the name of Inami has taken things beyond just dressing up as Honoka. She made a short video showing off how the fighter's combo strings look in real life.

Inami pulls off a fairly simple three-hit combo composed of five strikes that while easy to perform in Dead or Alive 6, still takes a lot of effort to recreate — especially while keeping the costume fully intact.

We get to see her do a couple of strikes, a kick, a launcher and her back-turn elbow finisher. Of course it's not all frame perfect, but Inami is still able to capture everything in a single go including Honoka's idle stance afterwards.

Motion capture of actual actors and martial artists is obviously a tool used to help create all of these attacks in the games in the first place, but bringing them back to reality like this gives a great new perspective on the work put into all of these details.

Inami says she'll be bringing her Honoka cosplay to the Dead or Alive Festival 2019 in Japan which is scheduled to take place next weekend, so we may still get to see more of her in action yet. You can check out the neat combo clip below.

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