What I'd like to see in version 6.1.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — more buffs to the low tiers please

Posted by Nico 'SuperQue' Smith • November 13, 2019 at 5:21 p.m. PST | Comments: 14

With a new balance patch incoming, what is on my wish list? There are many things I'd like to see with this patch.

As the patch will most likely fix a Terry Bogard soft lock glitch, we can only hope for more changes that affect the balance of the game. This could be like the patch 3.1.0, which came out a month after Joker was released. Notably, version 3.1.0 implemented the highest number of balance adjustments to the game thus far.

Each patch thus far has addressed some issues the community brought to the Smash development team's attention. The latest patch provided some nice buffs for characters that really needed a boost.

Jigglypuff finally became a threat. Once good in Smash 64 and Melee, she now has true rest confirms that help her immensely. Donkey Kong received several buffs, lifting him out of the pit of low tiers.

King K. Rool saw fun improvements for his aerials and specials. As for Kirby, his ability to KO opponents was slightly improved upon.

Incineroar benefited from some minor quality of life changes, but probably still needs a little help. Robin's neutral and side specials gained a little more utility, which are key tools in the tactician's arsenal.

While the 6.0.0 changes were certainly a good starting point, there's more that definitely need to be addressed. Here's what I'd like to see.

The Top Tiers

First off, I'd like to see Palutena get a nerf — ONLY to that neutral air of hers. It is so powerful, so simple to use, and combos into itself endlessly. It needs more recovery and also needs more growth on the knockback. This should ideally tone down its combo applications.

Next up, I'd love to see Zero Suit Samus' stun moves nerfed slightly. Her down smash and neutral special are incredibly powerful. Their stun shouldn't last as long as they currently do. So let's make it where they don't stun as long because it is nearly a guaranteed kill.

Joker is another top tier I think needs some slight nerfs. The power with Arsene must be scaled back. He has enough kill power as is. I don't think Arsene should strengthen Joker's abilities as much as he currently does.

Wario needs to have his Waft spedcial either nerfed in knockback and power, or the charge time nerfed to where it takes about 15 to 30 seconds more to fully charge it.

What else?

I'd like to see more buffs for Incineroar. In addition, other low tiers, like Piranha Plant, should also get some help.

Little Mac should be buffed across the board as well. The boxer's overall design is limiting his overall gameplan. His moves don't connect well, and it makes no sense for a fighter to have that much power and speed, but have nothing to show for it.

Doctor Mario should receive some buffs to his kit too. His recovery is very questionable, but getting more consistent damage out of his attacks, and guaranteed combos could go a long way.

Pirahna Plant is still mostly underused, but I would like to see a few buffs to the fighter. Also, let's buff King Dedede as well. If his disadvantage state was a little better, he'd rise up the tier lists.

Also, let's add back Luigi's ability to do a rising cyclone. Take away the invincibility frames in exchange for the ability to rise with the cyclone, and he will get a lot more interesting.

Corrin needs their aerials fixed so they link more consistently. I would also like to see that down throw become a viable kill throw once more.

Mewtwo needs his up smash fixed where the multi-hitting properties of the move connect reliably. His down tilt needs more range and less knockback growth so he has some viable combos regardless of his opponents' percentage.

Lastly, please buff Captain Falcon. His turnaround animation is still slower than Incineroar and Ganondorf's. Therefore both can run away, or reset neutral better than Falcon. His dash leaves much to be desired despite being a renown rushdown character. Fix his movement and you fix the fighter.

Overall, I'm asking for more buffs to lower tier combatants more so than nerfs to the top tier fighters. That allows for many more characters to become viable.

This is what I'd like to see happen in the patch, not what I think will take place. Hopefully they also work on the online portion of Ultimate, as it cripples a lot of players seeking to improve via online practice.

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