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Super Broly trailer released for Dragon Ball FighterZ

There's a new big boy in town

Posted by Dakota 'DarkHorse' Hills • November 10, 2019 at 8:55 a.m. PST • Comments: 97

Following the conclusion of the hype top 8 over at the Red Bull Spain Saga, Bandai Namco finally showed off the gameplay trailer for Broly (DBS) in Dragon Ball FighterZ as the final character coming to Season Pass 2.

The new version of Broly appears to be even more of a brawler than his original counterpart slamming Gogeta back and forth across the floor and chasing him down wherever he tries to hide away.

The trailer starts out with Broly powering up and shattering his mind control necklace in a quite flashy display with veins popping out of his head and pupils flaring up like we've never really seen before in this game.

Unlike his original and non-canon design, the new Broly begins fights in his base form with his armor still in tact, but he can instantly change that by using a couple of his different supers. Beefing up his body for his level three meteor super, he'll transform into a Super Saiyan while bursting off his chest piece with a singular powerful attack and blasting out a sick beam out of the fighter's mouth.

We can see a couple of other supers including a rush down surrounded by his barrier which can then be apparently cancelled out of into a nice body explosion that also shoots ki blasts around the screen.

Broly can also do some other familiar looking attacks like dragging the opponent along the ground before throwing them up in the air, slamming a ball of energy into his enemies chest and his ki blast barrage.

Once Broly unlocks his legendary Saiyan powers, he'll spend the rest of the fight without his chest armor and remain in a powered-up state although he won't keep the Super Saiyan transformation outside of the supers.

No release date was given with the trailer with Broly's text at the end still simply saying 'coming soon.' You can check out the full video and screenshots below.

Super Broly Trailer image #1 Super Broly Trailer image #2 Super Broly Trailer image #3 Super Broly Trailer image #4 Super Broly Trailer image #5 Super Broly Trailer image #6
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